An off-duty policeman stopped a drunk driver – News

An off-duty policeman stopped a drunk driver – News

An off-duty police officer stopped a drunk driver

Publication date May 16, 2023

A police officer from the Siedlce police station was driving during a break when he saw a car whose driving style worried him. He turned and stopped him. As it turned out, the driver of the Mitsubishi, a 55-year-old woman, had 2 per mille of alcohol in her body.

The profession of a police officer is not limited to the time spent on the job. Threats are also seen at rest and a similar attitude was shown by one of the Siedlce police who, while driving at night in his private car, responded to a Mitsubishi whose driving style worried him and raised suspicions that the driver might be drunk. He decided to turn around and follow the car. He informed the duty officer of the Siedlce command about the whole situation. The car was “flying”. The police officer saw that there were passengers in the car. At the roundabout in Iganie, a car went straight into another car on the roundabout, forcing it to brake hard. Seeing the whole situation, the officer decided to stop the car. He passed him and blocked his way. There was a woman behind the wheel. Road safety officers arrived at the scene to check the driver’s condition. As it turned out, he had 2 times the alcohol limit in his system.

The woman has lost her driving license and will now face drunk driving charges in court.

We remind and urge drivers not to get behind the wheel after drinking even a small amount of alcohol. Current road conditions and driving on two gas can even cost you your life!

Author: subcomm. Ewelina Radomyska