Android Auto: BMW wants to use Google’s Android Automotive operating system – but without Google services

Android Auto: BMW wants to use Google’s Android Automotive operating system – but without Google services


If Google has its way, the infotainment platform Android Auto to all users and successors Android Automotive inherited. But due to the completely different design and specifications of Google, German manufacturers especially do not play along and often reject these plans. At least BMW has now taken a half step in this direction.

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Almost every major automaker supports Android Auto, with BMW being among the latest brands to become available for Android users. At that time, it was proudly announced that Google services such as Maps are coming to the car and that they would like to work more closely with Google in the future. Shortly after, opinions probably differed greatly, because by the end of 2020 it was said that Android Automotive would not be supported and that its own operating system would be developed instead.

From March 2023, the BMW Group will be expanding its BMW Operating System 8 and integrating Android Automotive OS (AAOS) in certain model series for the first time as a second technological approach alongside the current version of Linux.

Now there is a small step back, because BMW wants to use Android Automotive from March 2023. There are two BUTs in it: Android Automotive means an operating system and not Google services on top. So Android Automotive YES, Google NO. Additionally, Cars will be released alongside BMW’s OS 8 and not instead. How this is supposed to work is not yet clear from the announcement.

As an Android partner, BMW has partnered with the App Store Aptoide some time ago, which is intended to replace the Google Play Store. Volkswagen and Mercedes also cooperate with Aptoide, so at least in the car sector there is real competition. Google apps may not be available there anytime soon…

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