Android Automotive in Porsche and Audi is scheduled to start shortly before 2024

Android Automotive in Porsche and Audi is scheduled to start shortly before 2024

Porsche and Audi are currently developing the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, which will be launched next year. Porsche will start with the electric Macan, and Audi is also planning an electric SUV with a Q6 e-tron.

More electric cars will follow after a long time, but SUVs with combustion engines are the most sold by brand, so it is a logical step. Unfortunately, they were scheduled for 2022, but we will probably have to be patient in 2023 as well.


A new platform is expected to be launched in late 2023

Noisy magazine manager The domestic plan is still targeted “mid-2023” at Volkswagen AG, but it has been reported that it will start “a few times before 2024”. New electric cars will probably only come to us for more than a year.

It is interesting at this point that VW.OS should follow as early as 2025. Even if it could be 2026 because you are struggling. Android Automotive is probably the only emergency solution for the short transition phase between these two brands.

A review of the future Android Automotive

Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat or Cupra will not take action and will be connected to their software until VW.OS. So I am amazed that Volkswagen AG is developing its own emergency solution for the first two brands in the group.

Android Automotive will be a major topic in the coming years, some are working with Google and using Google services, others are updating the free software version and developing their own apps. Unfortunately, this is the way Porsche and Audi, here you probably will not see any Google brand.

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