Are you using Allegro Smart!?  You will pay more

Are you using Allegro Smart!? You will pay more

People who shop at Allegro and use Smart! The package must be prepared for a higher COD fee. On the other hand, for OLX users, a facility related to sending parcels using InPost parcel lockers has been prepared.

Allegro Smart users! they will pay more for shipping

Allegro always introduces new products and changes. There are so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all, let alone catch all the fun. It has only recently been implemented facilitating package collection from One Box machines, biometric authentication on Android devices time to use Allegro Pay and joint provisionwhich makes it easy to collect a minimum order amount that is allowed free shipping under the Smart! program.

Currently, free delivery is possible when the value of the basket is at least PLN 40 – then the customer can choose to send to One Box packaging machines, InPost parcel lockers and collection points, and by courier. However, it should be noted that not all sellers have joined the Smart Plan! By the way, it is also worth remembering that recently customers can take advantage of free delivery as part of the Smart package! also on Allegro Lokalnie.

The situation is different in the case of people who use the Allegro Smart Package!, but do not want to pay the order when placing it, but only after receiving it. That possibility exists and is also beneficial, because regular payments on the delivery service are more expensive.

So far, the COD shipping fee for Allegro Smart! it cost PLN 3.99. From today, i.e. June 6, 2022, the fee will increase to PLN 4.99. Theoretically, it is only PLN, but it is still an increase – for customers who often buy cash on delivery, it can be felt. Otherwise, it can make them change their behavior and pay early, but not everyone has the option to do that.

By the way, however, it is worth mentioning the good news – from June 6 to 8, 2022, are ongoing Allegro days and up to 40% off. Browse through the ads, and see if you find something for you – and if so, let me know in the comments! He caught my attention vertical vacuum cleaner, which will be available for PLN 149but you have to watch as no start date for this offer has been given.

Facilitation for OLX users

InPost however, it announced changes that will make it easier for sellers on this platform to send packages through Parcel lockersfrom now on, they will no longer have to print labels at home. If someone chooses this option, they will receive a special code in the InPost app, which is entered in the package locker to send the package (you can also scan the QR code from the app). InPost will handle the rest.

To use this option, simply select the “Ship without label” option when creating a shipment in OLX – a print number will be sent to the app InPost and email messages. However, sellers will still be able to design and print labels on their own – it’s just up to them which option they use.

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