Aston Martin gets additional investors

Aston Martin gets additional investors

The Aston Martin team has found new investors. A Saudi government fund called the Public Investment Fund is going for a big stake in Aston Martin.

The Saudi company’s investment reduces the worst financial pressures, which did not exist before. Attracting PIF as an investor is seen by the Aston Martin F1 company as a ‘partner in equity and strategic investment.’ The amount offered appears to be around £650 million.

Growing up

Lawrence Stroll, the main shareholder of Aston Martin and the father of driver Lance Stroll, is pleased with the arrival of Saudi investors. “It helps us a lot. We can start implementing our long-term strategic goals and we can achieve our growth goals faster.”

Lawrence Stroll loses some profits and investments, but remains the largest shareholder. Mercedes-Benz is also a shareholder in the British racing circuit and has reduced its stake in the Aston Martin team.

Aramco and McLaren

The name PIF is somewhat obscure, but Aramco, among others, is owned by an investment fund. The oil company is already prominent on the rear wing of Aston Martin’s green bollards. In addition to Aston Martin, McLaren is also part of the Saudi equity portfolio.

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