Auditor: Vermont’s road paving program lacks transparency, accountability

Auditor: Vermont’s road paving program lacks transparency, accountability

An audit of Vermont’s road paving program has revealed that there is a lack of transparency and accountability in the program’s operations.

The examination, performed by the State Auditor’s Office, found that the state’s procedures for paving roads are overly difficult and lack transparency, hindering public accountability. The audit also concluded that the state’s road paving program does not adequately document the activities of the agency responsible for overseeing it.

The audit noted that in several instances, the agency responsible for carrying out the program did not adequately document the process it used to solicit, evaluate, and select contractors for road paving projects. Additionally, the Auditor’s Office found that the agency failed to document the process used to evaluate the performance of contractors, making it impossible to assess the overall success of the program.

Furthermore, the audit found that the agency did not have sufficient controls in place to ensure that the money allocated for road paving projects was properly spent. The audit concluded that the lack of transparency, accountability, and technical language used in the program’s operations has rendered it largely ineffective.

The State Auditor’s Office has recommended that the agency responsible for overseeing the road paving program be more transparent in its operations and that it document the process of selecting and evaluating contractors more thoroughly. The Auditor also suggested that the agency should use more technical language in its operations in order to ensure that the program runs more efficiently and effectively.