Austrian GP: Chance – fans on the starting grid / Formula 1

Austrian GP: Chance – fans on the starting grid / Formula 1

A fitting tone for the Austrian GP Doctor: Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and drummer Martin Grubinger present a band version of the song with 50 selected fans.

Austrian Grand Prix: The performance of the national anthem with a special translation is a tradition at the Formula 1 race in Styria and is one of the highlights of the traditional Doctor Who in Spielberg.

In 2024, thousands of spectators at the Red Bull Ring as well as an audience of millions in front of the TV can look forward to a special arrangement shortly before the start of the race: the Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and the world-famous drummer Martin Grubinger will join forces to present with 50 fans selected the band’s version of the national anthem on the starting grid.

Anyone who likes to sing or make music, even without previous knowledge, has a unique chance to rock front-to-back in front of Formula 1 stars on June 30!

With MyGroove’s music game app, anyone interested can now learn the national anthem on their favorite instrument and use their performance to apply for a spot in an exclusive band. All information is available at

Singing the Austrian national anthem on stage with world-famous musicians and in front of a spectacular backdrop of thousands of car fans and all 20 Formula 1 drivers – at the Austrian Grand Prix 2024 at the Red Bull Ring, everyone has a chance for this. a unique F1 experience.

Using the MyGroove music game app, fans can learn a version of the national anthem on their instrument with world-famous artists, specially arranged by Hans Zimmer, and apply for a place in the band with their performance video.

MyGroove is a music game app where you can play in bands and famous musicians on your own instrument. The idea comes from drummer and multi-vocalist Martin Grubinger, who teams up with some of the world’s best artists to revolutionize digital music education.

From music-loving beginners to advanced musicians, no matter what level you are, in the app users can learn different songs on their instruments, play in bands and artists and improve their skills in the process.

These six band instruments can be played with MyGroove: Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Percussion. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be easily used on smartphones or tablets.

Martin Grubinger, founder of MyGroove, founder and music director for the song challenge: “This is a great opportunity for hobby musicians. To play our national anthem at the finish live in front of more than 100,000 F1 fans at the Red Bull Ring and an international audience of millions on the screen is a unique moment that you will never forget in your life. Participation is very easy. I would be happy if the participants pick up a musical instrument for the first time as a result of this challenge.”

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician, anyone interested can join regardless of musical experience and learn and practice the national anthem on one of MyGroove Band’s five key instruments, guitar, drums, bass and percussion or with their own voice.

For all other instruments, the corresponding sheet music is available for download in the program. The program is completed by uploading a video of your best performance.

After the application period ends on June 7 (12:00 pm), the jury led by Martin Grubinger will select the top 50 participants who will take part in the F1 race at the Red Bull Ring.

All video contributions to the challenge appear in a gallery on the MyGroove website and can be rewarded with digital cheers.

None other than the composer, arranger and music producer Hans Zimmer, known from the Hollywood soundtrack for films such as Dune, The Lion King, Gladiator and Inception, took a new initiative for this event.

Hans Zimmer: “With my new interpretation, I tried to respect the Austrian song – and still give it a new sound. It will be more rock’n’roll, more electric and more dangerous.”

“What’s really interesting to me about the Song of Your Life Challenge is what’s really interesting to me about music – inviting everyone to join in and be a musician, even if it’s just for a day.”

Participants can already listen to his band’s version of the national anthem while learning it in the app, and guests and television viewers of the “Formula 1 Qatar Airways Grand Prix of Austria 2024” can view the full artwork in a live premiere on June 30.

Participants can already expect to meet famous artists during rehearsals. International and local stars such as drummer Thomas Lang, bassist Julia Hofer, keyboardist Hyung-ki Joo and singers Monika Ballwein, Julian le Play and Anna Buchegger are part of the MyGroove All-Star Band.

It guides users through different levels of the app, where the national anthem can be learned and practiced step by step.

Together with Martin Grubinger, Hans Zimmer and 50 challenge winners, some of them will improve the musical artwork at the Grand Prix in Spielberg.

All information about the challenge “Song of Your Life” by MyGroove can be found mygroove app

All information about arrivals and tickets for “Formula 1 Qatar Airways Austrian Grand Prix 2024” is available at and in the Red Bull Ring program.