Belcar Historic Cup run by St.  Paul: Troop Review

Belcar Historic Cup run by St. Paul: Troop Review

Stage 1: Dieter Kuijl aims to add a title

Dieter Kuijl – Ford Capri 2600 RS

No doubt Dieter Kuijl will defend his title and this time again throw the beautiful Ford Capri Weslake into battle. Establishing a car based on the time period (between 1947 and 1981) FIA comparison is not a difficult task and it is an expensive task. Thus the recurrent anemia in this championship which currently makes it short of staff. But there is improvement. Currently, five cars are on the entry list for the first race, but that could change. There is, among others, the very fast Serge Lebeau who seems to be considering a return with his Lotus Elan. The favorite here is again the historic Ford Capri Weslake

Roger Poulet – Lotus Elan

2600RS (2993cc) of reigning champion Dieter Kuijl. This car is designed as Dieter Glemser became European champion in 1971 and won the 24 Hours of Spa. But the St-Paul pilot still has two more irons in the pipeline with the GAA Cosworth Capri and the BMW CSL, which could find their publication during the season. Dieter will have to compete against the Escort Fords of Brauneiser, Vereeken and Roessle and the Lotus Elan of Poulet this time.

2nd platform with multiple title actors

Wim Kuijl as leader
Wim Kuijl as leader

Therefore, Platform 2 is provided for vehicles similar to platform 1, but with ‘possible’ technical reforms and a national technical passport (NTP). Currently, the number of New Race Festival is at 14 cars and there are many possible competitors. Here are some of the fastest cars from the past, but also some unknown ones.

Gust Van Haelst - Mazda RX3
Gust Van Haelst – Mazda RX3

Reigning champion Wim Kuijl is also a favorite here with the Ford Capri GAA Cosworth (3100RS). At St Paul Raceteam they managed to overcome the brake problems of the electric fast Capri and so Wim can defend his title. Gust Van Haelst will once again be recognized by his rocking Mazda RX3. Plus, the very nice Fords GT40 of Emiel De Weerdt and Guy De Baer. Dominique Holvoet is also back and

Michael Rausch - BMW 335i
Michael Rausch – BMW 335i

the family jewel that Emile’s father is still struggling with. Also in the background is Slaus van Rausch’s beautiful vintage BMW E21 335i and Anthony Vonk’s BMW 635 van 635 CSI. Chairman Filip Mahieu and his son Wouter put the Dolomite Victory Race on the starting grid and

Stage 3: Battle between Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Corvette

Luc Moortgat-Porsche 964
Luc Moortgat-Porsche 964

Since the 2020 season, the old platforms 3 (GT) and 4 (Touring) of the young timers at the time have been combined into platform 3. On the one hand because the FIA ​​decided to increase the age limit of the Historians to 1990 and on the other hand because there are quite a few GTs (read Porsche) that debuted in previous seasons. At the moment 15 cars inside the 3rd stage, we can again talk about a good starting field with great competition.

2nd and 5th place for Erik Bruynoghe and Eric Nulens
2nd and 5th place for Erik Bruynoghe and Eric Nulens

Belgian multiple champion Luc Moortgat will once again try to extend his title in his green Porsche 964 Cup. He will be joined by fellow brand Erik Nulens. As far as the competition is concerned, it is a bit of a mystery as there are still many unknowns.

Evertjan Alders - BMW E30 M3
Evertjan Alders – BMW E30 M3

Atrex driver Evertjan Alders once again takes his Bastos-BMW M3 E30 under sail, while Jan Van Elderen also runs the season with a Ford Sierra Cosworth.

Luc Branckaerts - Corvette C4
Luc Branckaerts – Corvette C4

The biggest unknown is the arrival of Luc Branckaerts who swaps platform 2 for platform 3 with a Corvette C4. An old biker puts a Corvette C3 on the back. There’s also the Mercedes 190 Evo2 from Samuel Verheggen and BMW’s E30 package that could spring a surprise. Then we think a lot on the part of Guy Fastres (M3),

Samuel Verheggen - Mercedes AMG 190 2.5 16V
Samuel Verheggen – Mercedes AMG 190 2.5 16V

Fred Crab (M3 Vink Motorsport) and some 325i cars for Sidney Dieleman, Dubois, Bruneel, Vanieuwenborgh, …

Stage 4 with strong opposition and new to champion Tim Kuijl

Tim Kuijl climbing Raidillon
Tim Kuijl climbing Raidillon

The cars in stage 4 or the nineties are primarily for today’s youth and account for twice the field of participants compared to last season. Tim Kuijl became the champion again in his beautiful BMW E35 2.5 with the highest score. The speedy Dutchman made his car lighter and faster last winter, but he can expect stiff competition.

BMW E36 M Sport 318i
BMW E36 M Sport 318i
Theunissen vs. François for victory in stage 4
Theunissen vs. François for victory in stage 4

Real Money Racing and Qvick Motors will take a different approach this season and field a BMW M3 and BMW E36 STW in Bastos/Fina livery. This car was running in these colors in the 1995 24 Hours of Spa with three drivers Burgstaller/Hoffmann/Yvan Muller. This unique BMW was developed by M-Sport and driven by Bigazzi. During the first race the car will be driven by Qvick/Van Rompuy.
Another E36 that performed well last season will be driven in the first two races by Bert Theunissen, who will join Ben Thaens from the third race onwards.

Audi 80
Audi 80

Pirro’s former Audi 80 STW will not be present during the first race, as François Bouillon will not have fully recovered after a skiing accident.

Dieleman-Volvo 850
Dieleman-Volvo 850

Dieleman’s new Volvo 850 will also remain in the stable for a while due to a lack of parts. Guy François is there again and with factory Nissan Primera BTCC ex David Lesley things are going in the right direction.

Erik Bruynoghe - Peugeot 306 S16
Erik Bruynoghe – Peugeot 306 S16

Erik Bruynoghe starts with a Peugeot 306 S16. The very fast Hasselaar will be very fast on slippery and wet surfaces with this front tractor. Ilaria Stalliviere will start with the new and faster Renault Clio which will have a faster power source later on.

Calendar 2023:
New Race Festival Zolder: May 13 & 14
Spa Summer Classic: July 7-9
Historic Grand Prix Zolder: July 22-23
Spa Six Hours: September 28, 29 & 30
Westfalen Trophy Nürburgring: October 13, 14 & 15

Photo: HP Hermant Pascal / Georges De Coster / BRAVO-Decancq / Ronald Janssens / Niels Vaeck / Dieleman