BMW has planned some new products, but … how long to wait for them?

BMW has planned some new products, but … how long to wait for them?

The BMW Neue Klasse (New Class), announced for a year now, is finally no longer a mystery. The CEO of BMW revealed a few details about the new design, which will focus on cars from the 3-series segment.

The Neue Klasse heralds BMW’s electrification

During the announcement of BMW’s financial results, Oliver Zipse – CEO of BMW revealed a few details about the upcoming electrification of the Bavarian car manufacturer. Neue Klasse (New Class) Architecture it will be shown for the first time in BMW soon, in 2025.

The second half of the decade is important for BMW, which wants to increase its share of the electric car market and at the same time increase sales of electric cars.

A BMW spokesperson announces that the company will create a Neue Klasse with more electric models – from the smallest to the largest.

The new Neue Klasse platform, according to Zipse, will debut in cars in the 3-series segment. However, the CEO did not reveal whether the first electric vehicle built on a special floor platform will be a sedan, or whether the company will choose a larger model comparable in size. and X3.

BMW’s Neue Klasse is basically a special platform for electricians, but also more power and a completely new cell.

Contrary to previous thoughts – the Neue Klasse will focus only on electric cars, and not – as previously announced – combustion cars (including hybrids). For BMW customers, this is a clear sign of that The German manufacturer is serious about power supply in its portfolio and in electric vehicles, it sees the only way forward. In addition, we can expect that fans of the best BMW in terms of performance – the M series – will have to make friends with electricians, because this series will also be affected by electricity.

What do you think about BMW’s electrification? Will the manufacturer compete with the currently popular Tesla? Let me know in the comments.

Source: BMW Blog