BMW: There will be electric cars in the lower market segments

BMW: There will be electric cars in the lower market segments

inside of bmw-Werk Leipzig, an era has come to an end. A good eight and a half years after its inception, the car maker is in continuous production of the BMW i3 stopped in summer 2022. As a result, the idea arose that BMW is only focusing on high-priced electric cars. BMW boss Oliver Zipse has now made it clear that the low-cost segment will not be abandoned in the electrification transition.

“We will not leave the lower market segment. Even if you see yourself as a high-priced manufacturer, it is wrong to leave the lower market segment – that will be the basis of business in the future.”, said Zipse at an event organized by car dealer Robert Bosch GmbH in Berlin. The past has shown that the lower market segment can retain customers, for example with the BMW i3. According to the manufacturer, frequent drivers among the “early adopters” praise both the low energy and maintenance costs, but also the reliability of the car and the car. The stability of its high-voltage battery cycle. Brand binding forces.

So Zipse’s statement is different from competitor Mercedes-Benz’s strategy. It was not until the summer of this year that it was made clear that 75 percent of its own investment will be made in luxury cars and in its best-selling segment, the C and E classes. At the same time, a reduction in entry-level models is being considered. The plan is to focus on high quality, and therefore high price models and generally higher.

The Bavarian automaker has the BMW i3 let the BMW iX1 follow. And just the electric iX1 you want now pollution-free driving pleasure in a growing automotive segment worldwide and for a particularly broad target group to experience. With an electric car in the entry-level segment, BMW wants to make a strong push for electric acceleration. The MINI brand is also being used to facilitate entry into e-mobility in the lower price segments.

As of September, the manufacturer sold a total of 128,196 all-electric BMW and MINI vehicles, more than double BEV sales in the first three quarters compared to the same period last year (+114.8 percent). The following growth drivers iX3 mid-range SUV without changing two heretics i4, a mid-size sedanand big SUV iXwhich have a higher order stack.

Source: Reuters – BMW Zipse: we leave no bottom for electric cars