Cagliari at the center of the world between people, culture and business

Cagliari at the center of the world between people, culture and business

Cagliari, May 26. It will be four intense days, out 1 to 4 June, meetings, demonstrations, cultural workshops, ethnic tastes and exhibitions which, in the case of Monte Claro in Cagliari, they will “tell” the world of IDEXPO, the International Exhibition of Diasporas: there today at the Press Conference at the Business Center of Mario Mameli airport in Cagliari Elmas.

The words of Elizabeth Rijo, president of Co.DISard, Coordination of Diasporas in Sardinia.

This is the first edition of IDEXPO. An event that we set ourselves the goal of changing a story of the immigrant world. On this beautiful island, where I have lived for 21 years, they live 51,426 immigrants, like 2020, representing 3.2% Sardinian population e 1% of the national population. We want to talk about this world, about the general contribution it makes to Sardinian society, in general, with the intention of including and sharing social and civic life. IDEXPO will not only be an ethnic, secular and traditional representation of the special characteristics of immigrants, but an opportunity for mutual comparison between cultures, artistic production and entrepreneurial activities”.


To show the fed programs of four days together with Elizabeth Rijo intervened Zoraida Dolores De La Rosa, of the Party Quisqueya, vice president of Co.DISard and member of CRPO, Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities; Frances Troiscultural mediator and vice president of CPO, Capoterra Equal Opportunity Commission; Stefania Star Mesidor, President of the party Ayiti Chery And Anthony Estrada of the Party The Latin World.

It starts June 1, 10:00, and the meeting at Business Center of the airport Mario Mameli Cagliari-Elmas, on topic “Diaspora in the economic, social and cultural fabric of Sardinia”. Intervention is planned Marco Sechi, head of the migration area of ​​the Sardinian Province; Charles Piliaprofessor of Private Law at the University of Cagliari; Felix Adandejan, that is, the President of the Party Gno’Nu; Stefania Star Mesidor; Glenn Tecson, president FORunion the color of life; at the end, Serhiy Mozhovy, President of the party Ukraine Sardinia United for Peace. Additionally, the involvement of third parties and institutional representatives is pending confirmation.

All other events, with free admission, 2, 3 and 4 June, will be held in the park Mount Claror, every day from 10 to 23. In addition, every day will be given to immigrants from the mainland. On June 2, the main character will beAfrica; also on June 3 l‘America and engine on June 4 l‘Eurasia. The calendar of appointments is very dense, an update that will appear on the IDEXPO website:

In the program, among the many activities offered to children and adults. We mention the performances of national artists as Max Mania Tribute Band 883, Friday 2, 9pm; Bruno Corda and Is Prexiaus, Saturday 3 June, 8pm and 9pm, Dress In Black and Bandaliga; Max Cottafavi Tribute to Ligabue Sunday 4 June at 21.

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