Caoa Chery iCar: what it’s like to drive Brazil’s best-selling electric car – 01/22/2023

Caoa Chery iCar: what it’s like to drive Brazil’s best-selling electric car – 01/22/2023

In 2022, Caoa Chery in Brazil invested heavily in the electrification of its entire line of vehicles sold in Brazil. In its portfolio, it has hybrid versions of the Tiggo 5, 7, 8 SUVs and the Arizzo 6 sedan, and closes the group with the 100% electric iCar.

With a friendly appearance, the iCar is a short model, with a length of 3 meters and 20 centimeters, and was developed to fulfill an urban proposal. To aid energy efficiency, its bodywork is made of a composite that combines aerospace aluminum with high-resistance polymers. Therefore, when you touch any part of its bodywork, everything is easier, as if it were pure plastic.

Then, there is a very curious step: the piece of the hood, also made of “plastic”, when opened, comes out of your hand. That’s right, it’s not held by a hinge or a gas spring, as it was designed to be removed during maintenance. Therefore, it is easy to imagine this cart standing on the street and a “curious” person decides to take a piece home, is it or not? Jokes aside, I was able to confirm with the management of the brand that, at least at that time, there were no cases of theft registered in Brazil.

Body composed of aerospace aluminum and high-strength polymers


The iCar has halogen headlights, daytime running lights, decorative roofs, rear spoiler and 15-inch alloy wheels. Since it has only two doors, it makes life easier for the rear passengers. It has an electric system that makes the front passenger seat run on rails and opens up a comfortable space for a person to enter. Activation is done with a small button behind the front seat.

As for the passenger space in the back, there is no way around it, it is very ordinary, perfect even for two children. The same thing for the trunk, with only 100 liters of capacity, but which can find space in a large car with the seats folded down, rising to 380 liters.

Modern and well maintained interior

Inside, the iCar carries the air of the Jetsons family model, but with a very good overall finish, reminiscent of a luxury model. Light blue tones dominate the seats and panel covers, it has topstitched seams, materials that look like wrought iron, a panoramic roof, automatic climate control, a mobile phone charger, electric adjustment for the driver’s seat, steering wheel and base. straight with the device. The panel is 100% digital.

Very nice and modern is the 10.25-inch multimedia system screen mounted vertically (like the Volvo models). It steals the attention from the front panel and pictures, for example, the energy regeneration process, and it is also where the user configures various aspects of the car and the sound system.

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A nice vertical multimedia screen, like in Volvo models

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Electric car effects, but no rush

Driving an iCar is something that can also guarantee a smile on your face. It has a very ready electric motor, which produces the equivalent of 61 hp of power and a good torque of 15.3 kgfm, and two driving modes, Sport and Eco. It has a lot of power for its size, it has an electric motor response when you step on the gas to keep going.

But do not be taken, it is not really about going very fast, it does 0 to 100 km / h in 12.9 seconds, that is, you cannot see it as a very fast car. However, it does not cause confusion, in fact, on the contrary. Because it is short and has independent suspension on both axles with little adjustment, it is an exciting model because it guarantees a good feeling behind the wheel, allowing you to better understand the effects of the car’s power.

But his strong argument and proposal is not exactly that, but instead, to contribute to reduce production and be very practical in the order in the city or for a small trip for two. In this regard, it does not fail, providing 282 kilometers of autonomy with a full charge.

Unfortunately, recharging can only be done in 36 minutes at fast charging stations, or in about five hours in a portable (wall-mounted) charging system, and in up to eleven hours with a portable charger using a 220V device. In terms of safety, it has what it takes, with dual front airbags, electronic traction control, hill start assist and a tire pressure monitor.

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Full battery charge in just 36 minutes at fast charging stations

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A leader among small electricity

Launched in June 2022, the iCar can be considered a good model here, confirming Caoa Chery’s bet on electric vehicles. It arrived as the cheapest in the group of 100% electric subs – which also includes the JAC JS1 and Renault Kwid e-Tech – but soon lost this status to the JAC model.

A situation that did not remove the leadership of the segment in 2022 from the iCar, with 782 units sold. A small amount compared to the combustion compact, but very representative of the typical domestic electric vehicle market.

Caoa Chery iCar Price: BRL 149,990.00 (SP)