Car sales March 2024: The XC40 is not the most popular Volvo in the Netherlands

Car sales March 2024: The XC40 is not the most popular Volvo in the Netherlands

Now that the sales figures for March 2024 have been announced, the flag is flying for Volvo. Besides the fact that the brand is in the top 3, the latest electric Volvo turns out to be the predicted bull’s eye.

The Dutch love Volvo. The Volvo XC40 (an electric version that has been renamed the Volvo EX40) has been around for a while, but in February it was still the most popular Volvo in our country. Last March, the Swedish SUV had to give way to another Volvo for the first time in a long time, even if only. Volvo registered 1173 units of the new EX30, one unit more than the XC40.

Delivery of Volvo EX30 so they get steam. This also applies to the electric car in general, although to a lesser extent. Of the 37,119 newly registered vehicles in March 2024, 13,051 were fully electric. This is a slight decrease of 1.13 percent compared to March 2023. Bovag, RAI Association and RDC, which provide the statistics, are nevertheless positive because, considering the entire first quarter, the number of registrants has increased, i.e. by 19.73 percent with 30,068 registrations.

If we look at the total number of EVs currently driving on Dutch roads, the picture for climate activists is even worse. That is still only 490,820, which is equal to 5.18 percent of the total Dutch car fleet (9,473,035).

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Car sales March 2024: The XC40 is not the most popular Volvo in the Netherlands
Car sales March 2024: The XC40 is not the most popular Volvo in the Netherlands

Individuals are not yet using EVs in large numbers

Business is doing well with electric vehicles, but individuals are still not enthusiastic about new EVs. Not surprising, given the lack of vision for the future of the outgoing Dutch cabinet. For example, will you have to pay the full price of road tax from 2026 or will the 75 per cent discount applicable to 2025 be maintained? And what about power network capabilities? Network operators are already reaching the limits of what is possible.

Goodbye diesel

In short: a hybrid car that also has a petrol engine is not such a bad idea. This has been the most popular type of operation in the last month (15,406 registrations, 41.5 percent of the market share). This is followed by EVs (13,051 registrations, 35.2 percent market share) and gasoline (7,991 registrations, 21.5 percent). And diesel? Where we used to buy TDIs, JTDs and dCi’s in bulk, now we no longer want a diesel engine; only 415 registrations, a market share of 1.1 percent.

Popular car brands March 2024

  1. Toyota (3,979 registrations, 10.7% market share)
  2. Tesla (3,957 registrations, 10.7% market share)
  3. Volvo (3,494 registrations, 9.4% market share)
  4. Come on (3,006 registrations, 8.1% market share)
  5. BMW (1,988 registrations, 5.4% market share)

Popular car models March 2024

  1. Tesla Model Y (2,386 registrations, 6.4% market share)
  2. Tesla Model 3 (1,510 registrations, 4.1% market share)
  3. Toyota Aygo x (1,421 registrations, 3.8% market share)
  4. Volvo EX30 (1,173 registrations, 3.2% market share)
  5. Volvo XC40 (1,172 registrations, 3.2% market share)

Popular EV models March 2024

  1. Tesla Model Y (2,386 registrations, 18.3% market share)
  2. Tesla Model 3 (1,510 registrations, 11.6% market share)
  3. Volvo EX30 (1,173 registrations, 9.0% market share)
  4. Volvo XC40 (983 registrations, market share 7.5%)
  5. Kia Niro (646 registrations, market share 4.9%)

Aygo-X is the most popular Toyota

Several things stand out in the top 5. For example, traditional best sellers such as Volkswagen, Opel and Ford are not included at all. Kia was still number one in February 2024, but has now been overtaken by Toyota, which is capitalizing on the popularity of the Toyota Aygo-X. This model is the most sought after Toyota (1421 units). Overall, the small Toyota is just ahead of the Tesla Model Y and 3. Number two among Toyotas is the Yaris with 783 registrations.

Moreover, relatively good performance of Suzuki Ignis up. With 343 registrations, Ignis is more popular than, for example, Opel Astra, Renault Captur and Ford Puma, to name just a few models from different origins. Last March, the Ignis even outsold all Mini models combined (315 registrations). Viewed this way, Suzuki dealers will be disappointed that the Ignis won’t be available in Europe for much longer.