Chevrolet Cup |  The North Coast was hit by a storm

Chevrolet Cup | The North Coast was hit by a storm

Having seen its participation in the women’s section of the Provincial Minor Hockey Championship close to an end, the team representing the North Shore in the M13 A was just one win away from the top honor, Sunday, in Vaudreuil.

Nord-Côtières will have qualified for the Chevrolet Cup 2024 final They lost 8-1 to Tempête de la Gaspésie-Les Îles.

In the semi-finals, the local U13 hockey players defeated Mistral-1 from Laurentides. They had previously scored three victories.

The Côte-Nord route in the M11 A and M15 A ended on Saturday. The first team was eliminated in its fourth match, the second in its third match, a heartbreaking 1-0 defeat in the tenth round of the shootout.

Now it’s the turn of the men’s side for the Chevrolet Cup. North Shore will field eight teams for the Regional Championships in Mauricie from April 18 to 21.

He will be part of M11 BB (Vikings, Baie-Comeau), M13 AA (Nord-Côtiers), M13 AAA (Nord-Côtiers), M13 BB (Atanukan, Uashat mak Mani-utenam), M15 AA. (Nord-Côtiers), M15 BB (Atanukan), M18 AA (Nord-Côtiers) and Junior AA (Gaulois, Côte-Nord).