CIRCUIT: Water spilled on Tesla paint store – Authority: No risk |  information

CIRCUIT: Water spilled on Tesla paint store – Authority: No risk | information

GRÜNHEIDE (dpa-AFX) – The liquid escaped from a Tesla factory paint shop in Grünheide in Brandenburg, but according to the State Environmental Agency did not enter the environment. It can be assumed that the substance is harmful to water, said authorized spokesman Thomas Frey on Thursday in the German News Agency. Previously it was not clear what the liquid was. The exact composition has not yet been analyzed.

When filling the container at the paint store, the liquid came out on Monday evening because the valve was not closed at all. “No pollutant has escaped the atmosphere or the ground,” the spokesman said. “There was no danger to the environment or the neighborhood.”

The American electric car manufacturer’s factory opened on March 22. Tesla was also forced to submit an event idea for this. It is about handling dangerous things. The concept of an accident was discovered at the beginning of production, said Ministry of Environment spokesman Frauke Zelt. Previously, only black cars were manufactured in the paint store.

According to the State Environment Agency, a liquid incident occurred inside the building. The spokesman said the liquid was completely collected in the storage tank of the facility. He then pushed an authorized waste disposal company. The liquid was brought to the disposal company premises in a backup tank approved for this purpose. A small amount of liquid was absorbed by the binding agents.

Tesla responded appropriately to the incident, according to an environmental agency. A special company was called. The Oder-Spree district water authority was also notified.

The Strausberg-Erkner water association criticized him for not being informed of the incident. He gives Tesla water. “We are surprised that we did not know this and were not included in the reporting column,” spokeswoman Sandra Ponesky said. “These substances flow, but the information does not flow. We need this information to ensure the safety of the drinking water service in the event of an accident and to be able to assess pollutant inputs in the sewage system.” / Vr / DP / men

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