Citroen Bridge – rent a C3 and then exchange it for a new model for free |

Citroen Bridge – rent a C3 and then exchange it for a new model for free |

Citroen Bridge is a new proposal from the brand, aimed at all people who would like to rent a new car and are waiting for a new generation. The manufacturer has proposed a way in which you will now return a brand new C3 and when the new generation appears, you will exchange the car at no additional cost.

A brand new Citroen from the showroom now and in 12 months a brand new model – this is an offer called Citroën Bridge, which will be available to customers in France.

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Citroen C3 offer in Bridge – 12 months with current generation, 36 months with new

“It’s a matter of leasing, without deposit, the current Citroën C3 for 12 months and then switching to a new ë-C3 for 36 months, always without a deposit and for 10 euros more,” says the brand. Citroën. In other words, the car replacement will be free, but the rental amount will increase by 10 EUR per month. Not much, considering that after a year we get a new car for 36 months.

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What does the Citroën Bridge version look like in practice?

The interesting thing is that this offer applies to an electric car: first, you rent a C3 in the You version with a combustion engine for EUR 269 per month, and after a year, it will change to a fourth-generation C3 for EUR 279 per month. Not bad!

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