Citroen C4 and C4 X with the new MHEV 136 HP 48V engine.  The hybrid is coming, there is already a Polish price list |

Citroen C4 and C4 X with the new MHEV 136 HP 48V engine. The hybrid is coming, there is already a Polish price list |

Citroen, the pioneer in the field of electric cars in the C segment, next to efficient gasoline and diesel engines, brings the Hybrid 136 in the C4 and C4 X models. In Poland, the engines are already being produced – you will read about them at the end.

This combination allows you to combine the advantages of gasoline and an electric car. Built with compact and lightweight 48V Hybrid technology, it has a 48V battery that charges during certain driving phases, a new generation 3-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 136 HP (100 kW), specially designed to adapt to this hybrid system . , with the new ë-DCS6 dual-clutch gearbox and ë-Motor 21 electric motor made in France.

Simple and smooth in operation, without the need for recharging, the Hybrid 136 offers comfort and versatility while reducing emissions and fuel consumption by around 20% compared to the equivalent petrol version. It has the ability to cover up to 50% of urban routes in electric mode, without exhaust emissions, therefore it offers all the advantages of electric driving, from ease of use, the ability to drive in low-emission areas, reduce taxes on gasoline models in some countries. With the Hybrid 136, the C4 and C4 X offer a similar and attractive combination, emphasizing simplicity and peace on board. The Hybrid 136 version is available from €33,200 for the C4 and from €33,900 for the C4 X.

With its new hybrid powertrain, Citroën offers a new electric alternative that offers the comfort of electric driving, saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions, all while effectively controlling costs.

Savings in fuel consumption

Possibility of driving an electric car in the city: The C4 and C4 X Hybrid 136 can drive in electric mode in urban areas, on smooth roads or during maneuvers. In urban areas, this hybrid version can perform up to 50% of the journey electronically, with no emissions or vibrations. With the benefits of electric driving, you’ll feel more comfortable on your daily commute in the city or on the highway.

Low fuel consumption: Hybrid 48V technology increases performance and fuel consumption in C4 and C4 It is worth noting that this electric train has a very impressive performance in urban driving conditions, with average fuel savings of around 30%.

Reduced CO2 emissions: This also has a positive effect on CO2 emissions, which are reduced to -20% (more than 25 g) compared to the PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 petrol engine. With 107 g CO2/km (based on the combined cycle and the WLTP version), the C4 and C4 X offer the freedom to drive freely and freely in many areas with traffic restrictions.

Ease and fun: The hybrid drive of this new version of C4 and C4 And under high acceleration, the electric motor provides an additional power of 9 kW (about 12 hp), ensuring ease of frequent use, ensuring power performance.

With a battery that automatically charges when the car decelerates, this new powertrain increases the ease of everyday use and will appeal to customers who want to achieve electric driving while bypassing charging restrictions.”

Information technology MHEV 48 V

Thanks to the Hybrid 48V technology, the combined electric driving times are improved for more driving comfort and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This light and compact hybrid system is based on:

  • new generation 1.2 PureTech petrol engine, specially designed (40% of parts are new) for the hybrid, with 3 cylinders and 1,199 cm3, power of 136 HP (100 kW) at 5,500 rpm and torque of 230 Nm at 1,750 rpm. The choice of variable geometry turbocharger and timing sequence contribute to its efficiency and durability. Complying with Euro 6.4 standards and operating according to the Miller cycle, the engine has increased fuel efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions,
  • synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets with a peak power of 21 kW (28 HP) and a torque of 55 Nm. It supports the electric drive of the C4 and the C4 also serves as a generator to charge the battery during deceleration, thus reducing brake wear.
  • belt starter, powered by 48 V, is used quickly and quickly to start a warm engine.
  • new electric gearbox, ë-DCS6, 6-speed dual-clutch transmission without torque interruption, also specially designed for hybrid technology. Gear changes are shorter, thus providing a better driving experience. The electric motor, inverter and controller are connected, which increases the space under the hood of the engine.
  • The 48V lithium-ion battery with a sufficient capacity of 432 Wh is placed under the left front seat, so it does not affect the volume of the trunk or the interior space.
    In addition, thanks to changing the voltage, the electric part produced by the 48 V electric motor is changed to 12 V to strengthen the vehicle equipment, allowing the use of two different electric systems.

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Energy for everyone

Launched in 2021 and 2023 and sold in Europe in 2023 with 58,740 and 11,350 units respectively, the modern C4 and C4 borrowed from the SUV numbers. They offer exceptional comfort on board that makes every journey a moment of softness and peace, thanks, among others, to the Citroën Advanced Comfort suspension, Advanced Comfort seats, steering wheel adjustment, acoustic softness and an interior with great space.

This feeling is enhanced by the electric versions, which ensure more smoothness and silence when driving. Citroën, a pioneer in the C-segment in terms of its electrification, has chosen reasonably sized batteries that are cheap and light, thus contributing to lower fuel consumption. With a good charging capacity of 100 kW, they are suitable for daily trips and can handle long journeys without stress. The range complements the performance of a range of petrol and diesel engines, allowing customers to enjoy a comfortable interior and unique design while choosing the power source that best suits their needs. Electric versions account for 25% of C4 sales and 35% of C4 X sales in Europe.

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With the Hybrid 136 in the C4 and C4 X models, Citroën offers an enhanced mobility solution that combines simplicity, energy efficiency and exceptional comfort at an affordable budget.

Polska oferta C4 i C4 X z MHEV 136 KM 48V

The Citroen C4 and Citroën C4 X already have a hybrid engine on offer. In the C4 it is available from the Plus equipment version and its retail price starts from PLN 133,100 (you can count on a big discount under the current promotion) and in the C4 X also in the Plus version from PLN 136,350 (configure now)

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