Cover model: Honda Prelude – Allememaggies, what a beautiful car!

Cover model: Honda Prelude – Allememaggies, what a beautiful car!

The second generation Honda Prelude will never remove the stigma of Bassie and Adriaan. In our country he has become immortal as the red car of the two jovial circus performers, with yellow dots, could ‘wink’ his folding lights and had a matching procession. It has ruined the image of Prologue – and pop-ups in general.

It’s too bad, because a good coupé has more to offer than making kids laugh. In every way it is a bigger car than its short-lived predecessor, the first model of Honda’s clean house model of the 1980s. It is also bigger than the first one: the car has grown almost 30 cm in length and 5 cm in width. , and the same length. The wheelbase has increased by 12 cm, but that has little effect on the space for the rear passengers, which it still does not have.

Honda Prelude has good handling

The two-door coupe has a slightly wedge shape and a low-slung nose (Honda’s engineless design calls it), powered by an all-new 1.8 with two intake valves per cylinder tilted slightly back. After two years, this block will be combined with 137 hp two liters with 16 valves and gasoline injection, which, due to the advance on the hood, is simply not suitable. The chassis has been completely revised, even racy double wishbones are used in the front. All this is good news for road maintenance.

Honda Prelude on the cover of Autovisie number 4 in 1983.

The underdog of its predecessor is nowhere to be seen and the Introductory remains unequaledly good even to the limit. It all came out very difficult. Power steering and even ABS are available as (pricey) options. Simultaneously with the introduction of the tweeliter, a small face is implemented, characterized by bumpers that are built together.

Old songs: nineties coupés

Where today the main award should be paid to Hondas, the Prologue was a competitive offering in its segment at the time, where old-timers such as the Capri and Manta work alongside Japanese competitors such as the Celica and Silvia. Unfortunately, due to the rise of the hot hatch, the interest in such coupes is slowly decreasing. Honda continues to see bread in the Introduction, because the model is offered worldwide. Three more generations followed, but the model series ended in 2001. Boom, boom and more boom… Allememaggies, what a great car!

Offers and prices

The second Honda Prelude has now become a rarity. In the Dutch second-hand range, the link of Bassie and Adriaan is immediately clear, considering the copy in a rustic look for 5000 euros. In addition, we get a gray 1.8 with ABS (ALB) for 7 grand and a convertible for less than 15,000 euros. Beautiful, white, original Dutch 1.8 from after the facelift costs less than 8000 euros. Crossing the border to the eastern neighbors, the distribution is not the greatest. Only a few cars, which are offered privately, and their price is between 7,000 and 10,000 euros.

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