Cupra is flying to America – with two electric SUVs

Cupra is flying to America – with two electric SUVs

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First Europe, then Australia, now it’s America’s turn. Kiti subsidiary Cupra is expanding aggressively. But initially only with two electric models.

For years, the Cupra on the Seat was nothing more than a high-performance car nexus. In 2018, the variant of the old device became its own brand with its own models and logo. The baby has long surpassed its Spanish parent in Europe and also has priority when it comes to electricity. And international should also be promoted more strongly.

Cupra has long been represented in Australia. A market that would be difficult for Seat to capture because of the name. Who wants to drive the seat? A similar problem would arise in the US, even if one could get points here at a lower price. Cupra should now take the place and fill the gap of affordable cars with a sports attitude, like Carscoops information.

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Cupra expands to the USA: from the east and west coasts

And Americans don’t have to wait too long for a sports Seat sprout. “Cupra will enter the US market by the end of the decade,” announced CEO Wayne Griffiths. “We plan to launch with a battery-electric version of the Formentor and a large electric crossover SUV so it will be built in Volkswagen plants in North America. This also includes Mexico.

The Formentor is one of two SUVs that Cupra is bringing to the US. © SEAT/ Cupra

The initial market launch will take place only in certain regions of the United States. “Initially, Cupra will be launched in select states on the East and West Coasts and in the Sun Belt states,” explained Griffiths. “This is done through a new distribution model for the Sun Belt region, which includes the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, as well as the southern of Nevada and California.

Before US expansion: Cupra has big plans for Europe

But until that happens, Kiti’s European subsidiary has a lot of work to do. The Tavascan, the brand’s second fully electric SUV, is being launched this year. Cupra is also introducing the Terramar, an SUV the size of the Audi Q3. And the Cupra Formentor is also getting a new generation, which will also be electrified.

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Overall, Cupra is accelerating on its way to becoming an electric-only brand. A compact electric car, the Raval, is expected to follow in 2025. Technically, the Stromer is similar to the Volkswagen ID.2all. The dimensions should roughly match those of the Ibiza Chair. It is still unclear if the Raval will also find its way to the USA. If the Cupra succeeds on the other side of the Atlantic, that is possible.