Dacia broke the bank.  Price?  The new hybrid is a family hit

Dacia broke the bank. Price? The new hybrid is a family hit

Dacia Jogger Hybrid – we know the price in Poland

Dacia Jogger in hybrid version enters the market. This is the brand’s first hybrid available on the Polish market, and one of the cheapest electric cars currently available in showrooms. The brand has announced how much the popular Hybrid 140 model costs for this variant starting at PLN 109,550, but for the 7-seater variant we have to pay a little more. The range includes the familiar versions with a petrol engine and one with an LPG factory installation.

Dacia Jogger 2024 – price list

The brand’s new price lists for 2024 include all available engine variants. The cheapest Jogger in the 5-seater version costs PLN 79,900, and the 7-seater version costs at least PLN 84,400. Prices apply to the basic equipment version with the ECO-G 100 engine under the hood – LPG installation is standard here.

The hybrid version costs at least PLN 109,550 or PLN 114,050 in the 7-seat variant. However, these prices apply to the Expression equipment level – in the Essential version, the hybrid option is not possible.

Dacia Jogger Hybrid / Dacia / photo Dacia

This is what it looks like Dacia Jogger 2024 full price list:


the number of seats


Express yourself



ECO-G 100

5 locations

zÅ 79 900

86 050 PLN

zÅ 90 850

TCE 110

87 850 z‚

zÅ 92 650

Hybrid 140

zÅ 109 550

zÅ 114 350

ECO-G 100

7 locations

84 400 z‚

zÅ 90 550

zÅ 95 350

zÅ 101 450

TCE 110

zÅ 92 350

zÅ 97 150

zÅ 103 950

Hybrid 140

zÅ 114 050

zÅ 118 850

Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 – technical data

Dacia Jogger in hybrid version It has a 1.6 liter petrol engine under the hood, which produces 94 HP. Near the heart of the combustion system, an electric motor is installed, which develops 49 HP and 205 Nm. Energy is stored in a battery with a capacity of 1.2 kWh. A system that has shown success in examples Renault it also uses an additional, small electric motor with a power of 20 HP (50 Nm), which serves as a generator and starter, and also balances the gear ratio of the gearbox.

Dacia Jogger / Dacia

The Hybrid Jogger is also the fastest variant of the model. What performance can we rely on? Jogger Hybrid 140 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds. Top speed is 167 km/h. The manufacturer promises średnie zużycie fat at the rate of 4.7-4.8 l/100 kmwhich with a 50-liter fuel tank should provide a solid range of nearly 1,000 kilometers.

The hybrid version’s gravity battery is placed under the floor instead of the spare wheel, as is the LPG tank in models with the ECO-G 100 engine trunk capacity has not changed and is equal to 607 liters in a configuration of 5 people.

Hybrid Dacia Jogger – accessories

Changes in equipment covered the entire range of brands. All Dacia models now comply with the latest EU regulations GSR2, which imposes a number of obligations on producers. What’s new in Dacia Jogger and other Romanian brand cars?

All versions of the Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Jogger in the Model Year 2024 range will have the following systems as standard:

  • road sign recognition and hyper-alert system
  • system management password (LDW)
  • lane keeping system (LKA)
  • active emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist detection (AEBS)
  • driver fatigue control system (UTA)
  • light and rain sensors (automatic dipped headlights and wipers)

The basic equipment version of the Dacia Jogger Important it offers manual air conditioning, reversing sensors, LED lights and a Media Control multimedia system. In the case of a hybrid, the version of the basic equipment becomes one rich level Express yourself. So what can we rely on when choosing the cheapest Hybrid 140 Jogger?

Standard roof rails, rear windows that open and close electrically, electrically adjustable mirrors, and a multimedia system with interface are available for free. Apple CarPlay, steering wheel covered with eco-leather, tinted windows and fog lights.

Dacia Jogger Hybrid 2024 / Press / Dacia

Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 / Press / Dacia