Dacia Duster and Sandero in the TOP 10 best selling cars in Europe |  French.pl

Dacia Duster and Sandero in the TOP 10 best selling cars in Europe | French.pl

Dacia Duster and Sandero are among the top 10 best-selling brands in Europe in 2022. This is a great success for budget cars, so much so that one of the models was in second place, giving way only to the Peugeot 208.

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Dacia Sandero was the second most popular car in Europe in 2022. With sales of 200,550 units, it is definitely ahead of all other cars, except for the neat little lion – 208. Dacia managed not only to enter the second place but also to achieve an increase of 1% compared and 2021. This modern-looking city hatchback is very popular among others because of its excellent price-performance ratio, low running and maintenance costs, and factory LPG installation. It can be ordered eg in a version with direct transmission. Configure your Dacia Sandero now.

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Dacia Duster was also very successful. This car was in ninth place on the list of the most purchased cars, but with a better result of 149,648 units and an increase of 2% compared to 2021. It was close to the eighth Hyundai Tucson, but Duster beat Clio in popularity. This compact SUV not only has a modern silhouette but also excellent practical characteristics – including high ground clearance and high road capacity. Owners of Dusters, despite its certain simplifications, are very happy with this car. And it is the high level of satisfaction that drives more people to Dacia showrooms. Configure your Dacia Duster now.

Peugeot 208 remains the king of Europe with 206,816 buyers and an increase of 5% compared to 2021.

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