Dacia is affected by Volkswagen’s move in Germany.  Dacia Spring price from EUR 12,750 after discount of EUR 10,000/~PLN 43,400

Dacia is affected by Volkswagen’s move in Germany. Dacia Spring price from EUR 12,750 after discount of EUR 10,000/~PLN 43,400

We reported a few days ago that Volkswagen has significantly reduced the prices of its electric cars in Germany. Although the subsidies are gone, cars can be bought for the same amount as the subsidized one. Now Dacia has reacted to the move, announcing a discount of EUR 10,000 overnight, equivalent to around PLN 43,400. The cheapest variant of the car can be purchased from EUR 12,750, equivalent to PLN 55,300, equivalent to PLN 57,100.

The unexpected end of subsidies for electricians – the fight for customers begins

Due to budget restructuring, Germany stopped subsidizing electric cars in mid-December. At the time, it was predicted that there would be a collapse of the electric car market, “the end of the good times.” Perhaps Volkswagen knows something about this, because at the beginning of 2024 the brand introduced a strong discount system for its electric cars. Elektrowoz.pl explained them using the VW ID.4 model, but it quickly turned out that the issue also applies to other models – the discount amounts to approximately EUR 8,000, equivalent to PLN 34,700.

Dacia responded a few days later. Officially to be established discount of EUR 10,000, equivalent (after taking into account the difference in VAT rates) PLN 44,800. If such a bold step was decided in Poland, Dacia Spring dinnerwhich currently starts from PLN 106,900 for the Expression variant, can start from PLN 62,100. In addition, buying a car can still entitle you to apply for financing of PLN 18,750 or even PLN 27,000.

In Germany, the discount is valid for all equipment and car versions, the only requirement is to order the car quickly and register it before March 31, 2024. Dacia Spring is currently offered by battery with a capacity of 27.4 (~25) kWh with a powerful engine of 33 kW/45 HP or 48 kW/65 HP, this is the model part A and frequency 220 units WLTP and one out of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests.

Maybe it’s worth answering in Poland?

Do you think we should ask the Polish branch of Volkswagen for the same price reduction? Let’s add that every vote can help us in the program or determine that it is useless – so please answer honestly (LOGIN NOT REQUIRED; voting is handled by external systems of Google Drive, the editorial office does not collect this data and has no access to it, without counting the votes themselves):

Note from the editors of Elektrowoz: maybe we should appeal for the removal of subsidies? 😉

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