Dacia Spring at a very low price, up to PLN 52,300.  Promotion in brand stores |  French.pl

Dacia Spring at a very low price, up to PLN 52,300. Promotion in brand stores | French.pl

The New Year sale continues: Dacia Spring without mileage costs from PLN 52,300 – including surcharges under the Moje Elektryk program. And that’s what business people advertise.

In some Dacia showrooms you can buy a Spring model without mileage at a very attractive price, below the price list. If someone is looking for an affordable electric car for the city and for short trips, the Spring is worth considering.

The car offers four seats, a large – for this class of car – trunk, air conditioning and a range of 200 km in the city.

  • Cheap copy of Dacia Spring is offered by the authorized dealer of the Dacia brand, Tandem from Będzin. You can buy a car without miles here for PLN 52,300. The car is white, has air conditioning and radio. The price includes financing of PLN 18,750 from the Moje Elektryk program.
  • We will buy Dacia Spring for PLN 53,600 at Auto Spektrum in Rzeszów. The car is available in green and also has air conditioning, radio and navigation. The total amount offered of PLN 52,300 includes a discount of PLN 18,750 given by the showroom, which is available to natural persons who do not advertise a distance of more than 15,000. km per year.
  • We will pay PLN 59,900 for Dacia Spring in the showroom of AMS Chrościcki in Siedlce. This is the Expression version, white. The price includes an additional fee under the My Electrician plan for a Large Family card (PLN 27,000)
  • Dacia Spring costs PLN 60,900 at the brand’s showroom in Elbląg. This is also an Expression version. Price after PLN 27,000 discount and subsidy: PLN 60,900 Price after PLN 18,000 discount and subsidy: PLN 69,900

All ads about the new Dacia Spring are for sale you will find it here.

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