Daimler, Traton and Volvo agree to charge joint venture

Daimler, Traton and Volvo agree to charge joint venture

Daimler Trucks, Traton Group and Volvo Group on July 8, 2022, it took the final step in establishing a joint venture to set up a payment infrastructure in Europe. Anja van Niersen as CEO, the venture wants to make a significant contribution to the European Union’s Green Agenda and thus to climate-neutral freight transport by 2050. Anja van Niersen was most recently Chairman of the Management Board and previously CEO of the largest European company that provides charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

You plan, at least 1,700 points to charge for high performance for green electricity up and in near the highway as well as on equipment stations established and operated in Europe. Three partners want this investing a total of 500 million euros. As far as the companies are concerned, these are the ones biggest investment to date in payment infrastructure for heavy truck in Europe.

Pay stations for heavy trucks and coaches

Partnership you want payment centers for heavy trucks and coaches as it is known “Pay Point Operator“(CPO) set up and work with the like a legally independent company do work. The seat is in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Daimler, Traton and Volvo are sending a clear signal to all players

Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Trucks, He says: “We will call them the whole sector up, itself also in this area busy. So long distance electric transport for our customers to be one influence the alternative will, must number of reward points as soon as possible clearly elevated love.”

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of payment centers of the venture should have a reputation of trustworthiness and good access award. The offer, it is said, does customers in focus. It is aimed at everyone operator from fleet of battery-electric commercial vehicles and stand up independent brand by throwing That’s one a clear signal to all other actorsdepending on service providers (cf).