David Alonso at the front in the first training for Moto3 / Moto3

David Alonso at the front in the first training for Moto3 / Moto3

The Moto3 riders’ first impressions of the new asphalt track in Austin were not surprising. David Alonso sets the fastest lap on Friday morning. Noah Dettwiler in 25th place.

At exactly 9pm Austin time, the Moto3 field invaded the “Circuit of the Americas”. With a route length of more than 5.5 kilometers, special topography and newly laid asphalt, it took almost three minutes before the first pilots started their flying circuits. Halfway through the 35-minute free practice session, a familiar image emerged at the top of the standings with 26 pilots. David Alonso ahead of Ivan Ortola.

The leader of the World Championship table and GASGAS rider Dani Holgado was not seen for a long time, but he appeared higher on the monitors in the last few minutes. Fastest in a short time, the Spaniard finished the first ride in second place behind the Colombian on the Aspar team’s CFMOTO-KTM.

And the driver of Ajo Rueda and David Muñoz, two drivers from the south of Europe are next. Collin Veijer from the German-speaking team led by veteran doctor Peter Öttl completes the top five. Noah Dettwiler emerged from the lovers in a more dignified way during the first live trip to the station in Texas. With “only” 3.05 seconds behind David Alonso, but ahead of teammate Rossi, the Swiss finished in 25th place.

Moto3 – Free Results Workout

1. David Alonso (CO) CFMOTO 2:16,537
2. Daniel Holgado (E) GASGAS Tech3 +0.183sec.
3. José Antonio Rueda (E) Red Bull KTM Ajo +0.223 sec.
4. David Muñoz (E) BOE Motorsports + 0.242 sec.
5. Collin Veijer (NL) Husqvarna GP +0,723 sec.
6. Matteo Bertelle (I) Snipers +0.723 sec.
7. Adrián Fernandez (L) Leopard +0.819 sec.
8. Angel Piqueras (E) Leopard +0.824 sec.
9. Ivan Ortola (E) MT Hats – MSI +0.883 sec.
10. Tatsuki Suzuki (J) Husqvarna GP +0,897 sec.