Do-it-yourself Ferrari that became a tax car (worth 10 million euros): two people on trial in Turin

Do-it-yourself Ferrari that became a tax car (worth 10 million euros): two people on trial in Turin

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Financial police verification: one chassis number matched two cars. For one, a historic car certificate was requested

At a certain point in history, a “do-it-yourself” Ferrari, built with 30 years of passionate work, starting from the chassis of a racing car, a destroyed Ferrari 250, and from parts of a 330, was considered prestigious. – and very expensive, up to 10 million euros – 250 GT SWB: complete with a certificate of historical importance, requested from the Historical Club of Turin of Turin. Everything, however, starting with the car documents, would be false, hence the challenge from the Turin Prosecutor’s Office and, now, the trial. Suspects of ideological forgery in a public document are the owner of the fire ball, an old gentleman resident of Rome, defended by the lawyer Stefano Massè; and Monegasque enthusiast, introduced to the world of cars and racing, protected by lawyer Filippo Disanto.

The discovery was also made thanks to the Maranello company

It all started on 9 April 2019, as part of a financial audit by the Ferrara economic and financial police unit of the financial police: a Ferrari had appeared, the chassis number of which, together with the number of the license plate, matched. for two cars. It goes without saying, something was wrong. As confirmed by the Maranello company, which Fiamme Gialle had turned to. Moral: the story that is now being heard had been revealed, with the first alleged forgery linked to the historical certificate and the second, to the DMV documents. In the end, a “do-it-yourself” Ferrari was sold in France, certainly not at the record price that – according to the theory of the public prosecutor Alessandro Aghemo – the two were probably aiming for. So much so that, in today’s hearing (April 9), the prosecutor also presented press articles and documents related to Ferrari Drogo and Ferrari 25o, which would be sold for 50 million euros. The reading is not shared at all by the defense, which was not interested of ending with “fake”; and in which the car in question would have a value between 2 and 5 million euros.

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April 9, 2024