Driving report Polestar 4: Good view, even without the rear window

Driving report Polestar 4: Good view, even without the rear window

The new Polestar 4 is coming this summer. What customers can expect is special. You can read the price, technical data and the first driving impressions of the fully electric SUV coupe here.

With determination and passion – that’s how Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath describes how Volvo’s old tuner continued to develop its latest model, which goes by the name Polestar 4. Last season, the Swedes of China – Polestar is owned by almost 80 percent of the Group Geely, Volvo still has 18 percent – showed a fully electric SUV group in segment D to the public. The first cars will appear on German roads this summer, with prices starting at around 63,000 euros. What awaits potential customers is very interesting: 4.80 meters long, 2.14 meters wide, but only 1.5 meters long car that does not have a rear window.

Polestar 4: camera instead of rear window

Chief designer Maximilian Missoni: “We just continued on the path from time to time.” When drawing an SUV coupĂ©, the rear window is always in question. To maintain the lines of the coupĂ©, the window must be placed very flat and this obviously loses its functionality. So Polestar decided to ditch the view altogether and use the camera to direct the view to the rear. Wisely, the standard interior mirror remains as an artificial HD eye monitor. Once you get used to it, this works very well in fog or at night, the camera is better than the human eye.

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Cameras with night vision quality

In the next stage of expansion, as the representatives of the seller explained at the presentation of the model, cameras with the quality of night vision equipment will also be possible. However, drivers first have to come to terms with the fact that they can’t even check their lipstick or shave in the rearview mirror, and for those sitting in the back it’s a little strange at first not being able to see the driver. in the “mirror”.

Very balanced driving behavior despite 2.2 tons

Compared to the “real” Polestar 3 SUV sister model, the flat line and short overhangs of the body make the four-wheel drive look very sporty. To be able to fulfill the sporting expectations given by the design on the road, Polestar’s developers put a lot of brain power into the chassis. Successfully, as the first round on the test track show. Joakim Rydholm’s team has trained a 2.2 tonne vehicle to drive in a balanced manner. Compared to the Polestar 3, the setup is sharper, but not obnoxious despite the 255/45 tires on 21-inch rims.

Operation shows high accuracy

The steering is very precise and gives the driver direct feedback about road conditions. This outstanding performance is mainly due to the new SEA platform (Sustainable Experience Architecture), which is used for the first time in the Polestar 4 and allows a three-meter wheelbase. It will also carry the revised, larger Polestar 5 and 6 models.

Performance increases to 544 hp for the Polestar 4

The engines are above the chassis sports requirements. Polestar offers the car with one or two electric motors, each producing 200 kW/272 hp. The version with a motor on the rear axle provides 343 Nm of torque and accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds, with two motors the output increases to 400 kW / 544 hp, both axles are powerful and Polestar 4 reaches. 100 km/h mark after 3.8 seconds. Motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery with a nominal capacity of 100 kWh, which is located on the floor of the vehicle between the axles. The maximum charge is 200 kW If used, the battery is full from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes. WLTP consumption is between 17.7 and 18.1 kW/h per 100 km with one engine, and 18.6 to 21 kWh with two engines. Polestar specifies the maximum range as 610 or 580 km.

Interior: 100 percent recycled material

The interior design of the Polestar 4 is all about sustainability. All plastics used are 100 per cent recycled, and the optional leather covers come from certified organic companies, mainly in the UK. The interior design looks clear and beautiful, the seats are of high quality and the rear passengers especially benefit from a lot of space – once you get used to the fact that there is no window behind the headrests, but a black wall. Unfortunately, the rear seat can only be folded in a 60:40 ratio; The trunk is not huge at 526 to 1536 liters, but it is enough.

A central display, a head-up display and a small display above the steering wheel

As befits a modern electric car, the Polestar 4 also plays music on the main central display, shaped like a tablet in landscape format. All other data and communication devices in the vehicle can also be controlled and managed there. Fortunately, Polestar has not left the small display above the steering wheel, nor the head-up display.

Polestar 4: Prices start at 53,100 euros

The Polestar 4 is not a cheap car: it costs at least 53,100 euros with an engine, at least 59,830 euros as an all-wheel drive. There are also various equipment packages with nice names like “Pilot”, “Plus” or “Performance”, which raise the price above the 67,000 euro mark. However, Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath is confident that around 150,000 people around the world every year will be as enthusiastic about a sporty, well-designed and attractive car as his latest car.

Polestar 4 – technical data

A mid-range four-door SUV coupe; Length: 4.84 meters, width: 2.14 meters (with exterior mirrors), height: 1.53 meters, wheelbase: 2.99 meters, trunk volume: 562-1562 liters.

Full electric drive with one or two motors, 200 kW/272 hp each, rear or all-wheel drive, maximum system output 400 kW/544 hp, torque 343/688 Nm, 0-100 km/h: 7.1 /3.8 s, Vmax: 200 km / h, 400 volt nickel-manganese-cobalt battery, capacity: 100 kWh, charging capacity 22-200 kW, charging time 0-100 percent: 5.5 hours, 10-80 percent: minutes 30 , Consumption (WLTP): 17.7-18.1 kW/h/100km or 18.6-21 kWh/100 km.

Price: 53,100 – 71,200 euros

Kurzcharakteristik Polestar 4

  • Why: Eye-catching, great chassis, very sporty
  • Why not: high cost
  • What else: VW ID.5, Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW iX3