DS 7 Crossback 180 HP EAT8 – luxury SUV after 30,000 km.  Reviews, fuel consumption, frequently used equipment |  French.pl

DS 7 Crossback 180 HP EAT8 – luxury SUV after 30,000 km. Reviews, fuel consumption, frequently used equipment | French.pl

The DS 7 Crossback is a luxury SUV from DS Automobiles. It has been in the editorial office of Francuskie.pl for almost a year and we have already covered 30,000 kilometers with it. We traveled all over Poland in winter and summer in various conditions. It just so happened that we turned thirty on the eve of the debut of the facelifted DS 7.

The car is beautiful, beautiful, it provides the driver and passengers with a pleasant car and the design and materials used – steel and leather create a successful combination. We love his return, always and always. It offers something that many competing cars lack: a certain individuality, distinction, discreet beauty on the outside and stylish work on the inside. It has the kind of artistry that cool and highly engineered cars from Germany or Japan will never achieve.

We bought a DS 7 Crossback at the DS Automobiles showroom in Krakow, which we recommend as a good place to get to know the brand’s offer and take a test drive. Upon receipt, we purchased a service package for five years (maximum eight), which includes all service costs, including parts and running water. The car underwent its first inspection after 20,000 km, then the oil was changed. The cost of the inspection was PLN zero thanks to the service package and, considering the increased prices of services and parts, we are very happy to have it. One service was performed on the car, related to improving the intensity of the rear lights. During the inspection, the wear of the brake pads and discs was estimated to be less than 30%.

What do we like most about the DS 7 Crossback? There will be some of these:

Comfortable suspension

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you drive the DS 7 Crossback. The car is very nice, comfortably suspended and at the same time very powerful. DS 7 is a car that was designed for good movement and, when necessary, you can go fast, although the softly suspended SUV is not designed for sports madness. However, there are no problems with overclocking, especially when the car is switched to sports mode. However, our DS 7 Crossback is not suspended.

Engine: 180-horsepower gasoline

The DS 7 Crossback with a petrol engine does a good job. During normal driving, it can burn on average less than 8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle, and it can be used more economically and by reducing driving at a speed of 120 km / h, i.e. without driving on the highway . they were able to drop to around 7 l/100. Great results! The sound of the engine is pleasant and is only heard above 4,000 revolutions.

It is worth noting, however, that many customers choose the 225-horsepower gasoline or hybrid version, looking for more power. And it is definitely a good choice for this car.

Soundproofing the cabin

The DS 7 Crossback is a very quiet car, as we saw recently when we presented the Renault Koelos. A direct transfer from one car to another showed just how sound-proof the DS can be. Only at highway speeds can the noise be heard, which was previously invisible.

Now we will continue with the equipment without which we cannot imagine driving:

Cruise control and lane keeping

This is the best choice you can make. The DS 7 Crossback is an ideal car for long journeys, and the inclusion of cruise control and lane keeping turns it into an almost autonomous car, taking a lot of the work off the driver. The car even drives itself, stopping if necessary in traffic jams. Only moving is achieved by pressing a button or pressing the gas pedal. This works very well even at high speeds, although of course it does not reduce the driver’s attention.

Massage and seat ventilation

If there’s one thing we use a lot, it’s massage. DS 7 Crossback performs very well – you can feel the massage, there are eight pressure points, everything works perfectly and is relaxing. Our favorite editors’ choice is the Paw Paw massage. In summer, hot skin is quickly cooled by ventilation, which has two speeds.

Apple Car Play / Android Auto

DS 7 Crossback requires a cable connection, but the operation of this smartphone connection system on the big screen is simple. If someone can’t tear himself away from his cell phone, he’ll be happy.

Sun – roof window

Another thing on the list of devices that we use more often than anyone would have thought before. Whether it’s hot or cold days – driving with the roof open is cool and speeds up ventilation. With the roof closed, the light shines well and optically enhances the interior.

Focal Electra sound system with DAB digital radio

Focusing engineers were able to select an almost perfect set. The sound is very natural, maybe even a little towards metal synthetics, the sound is crystal clear, the bass is not exaggerated, the stereophony is at a high level. It’s great to listen to classical music, jazz, piano or even pop. A big advantage for DAB digital radio, which eventually began to work more in Poland, because many radio stations appeared there, including private ones. Streaming and playback from your phone works well too.

The only minor drawback would be the poor quality of the FM radio.

Electric gate

It’s the little things that make shopping so easy. We use it regularly. Practical and useful.

Navigation is displayed on the clock

A minor feature is the ability to display Tom Tom navigation around the clock in front of the driver. It makes maneuvering around unfamiliar areas very easy.

Dance of attractions

Finally, one thing is also small, but it always makes us happy. The DS 7 Crossback lights welcome us with their light drum and despite the passage of time (almost a year!) it still pleases everyone in the editorial office.

All season tires

This isn’t DS 7 Crossback equipment, but it’s worth noting: Our Michelin Crossclimate 2 tires it turned out to be a hit. Reliable in winter, reliable in spring, stable and grippy also in summer. We don’t care about changing tires every season, we don’t care about the weather. It was a very good idea.

And what are we missing?

Still number one on the list of what we don’t have in the car is night vision. DS Night Vision recognizes people and animals in poor lighting conditions, warns about them and displays them on a large screen in front of the driver. This option is worth sinning, especially if you often wander around in dark places. It’s amazing how many people and how many animals are walking while you don’t even see them!

Active suspension with bump-scanning camera makes driving more comfortable. Unfortunately, we don’t have this either and it’s sad. Well, if you don’t have what you want, you love what you have!

Wady DS 7 Crossback?

Does the DS 7 Crossback have any major disadvantages? When buying carefully – it is difficult to name any. It certainly won’t be a sports car that you can go wild in the corners. Currently there are no drives with more than 300 HP. Not everyone will like the suspension, interior design, original and full of proprietary solutions that greatly distinguish this car from the competition. Perhaps it could use softer plastics in the lower part of the cabin or greater differentiation from other PSA/Stellantis models (eg the original gear meter, owned by DS Automobiles, would be nice). It would also be useful to improve the mobile application, which would benefit from, among other things, more features and more frequent information for customers.

Some of the disadvantages, such as the apparent age of the multimedia system, will be replaced by the premiere of the new DS 7 Crossback, which will take place tomorrow. The new version will use the new generation DS 4 system.

DS 7 Crossback after the facelift – we still can’t fully reveal its image. Premieres June 27, 2022.

The DS Automobiles brand can also be used more in Poland – for example by organizing exclusive events for its customers that are available in other countries. There is still room for improvement here.

Summary – is it worth buying?

Natural, refined, comfortable – the DS 7 Crossback is a car for those who want something that will stand out from the crowd of similar cars on the street. The car is well-designed, made of high-quality materials, it gives a lot of pleasure to drive and use every day, and at the same time it is different from those well-known brands, maintaining its style and beauty. providing a high quality visual and aesthetic experience, thus offering something more than just travel.

The DS 7 Crossback is also the most popular model of the DS Automobiles brand, and in our opinion, it deserves to be. It is worth considering. It will work well as a comfortable, affordable family SUV. As a bonus, you get questions about what a good car is and get a lot of attention when someone gets inside.

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