DTM: Turn 1 proved Lamborghini’s Achilles heel

DTM: Turn 1 proved Lamborghini’s Achilles heel

With two sixth places at the Lausitzring, Grasser-Lamborghini driver Mirko Bortolotti lost the lead in the overall DTM standings to two-time Schubert-BMW winner Sheldon van der Linde and is now 15 points behind. the driver of the work of Lamborghini can be completely satisfied with the result, because Turn 1 caused the heads to smoke.

“I think we had big problems in this corner,” says Mirko Bortolotti in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “We were good in the second and third sectors, but our car characteristics are not very geared towards these high-speed turns.”

The facts support his statement: In fact, the GT3 specialist Bortolotti lost 0.894 seconds to the best qualifying time on Saturday in the first sector, which only includes inclines and steep slopes – and was therefore slower than all the competition cars.

Turn 1 created a setup problem for the Huracan

On Sunday, the gap to the barrier, which was greater than one millimeter, was just 0.333 seconds, but the Italian was still 15 cars ahead. “Despite the changes, we were far behind Mercedes and BMW. And that’s because of sector 1, in which all the ‘Lambos’ were far behind,” confirms team boss Gottfried Grasser. “That hurt us.”

But why was the Huracan GT3 Evo only able to proceed to a small level on the curve, which was driven at about 250 km / h and has an inclination of 8.7 degrees?

“We can put a very steep wing, which makes Turn 1 suitable, but we are very slow on the straight. Or we keep it flat, then we no longer have stability in Turn 1, but it fits well on the straight,” explains Grass dilemma. “We never got the car through the window.”

Team boss Grasser: “Lausitzring the hardest circuit”

While Grasser also relates the complexity of the car’s characteristics, Bortolotti goes into more detail. “Compared to other cars, our car is more focused on low drag,” he points out that the sleek and compact Lamborghini doesn’t generate enough power for the demands in such passages.

But are there more straight forward threats where you fight with blunt weapons? “In the past I would have judged differently, but in retrospect the Lausitzring is probably our toughest track on the calendar,” said Grasser. “The next steps should work for us.”

And Bortolotti is also optimistic about the future. “Fortunately there are very few of these corners. Even Eau Rouge at Spa is 20 km/h slower than this Turn 1 – and our car is still in the window,” said the Lamborghini driver, who otherwise had an ultra- . fast first curve in Macau, which also had problems.

Spielberg can also be a challenge

How does Bortolotti assess the upcoming tracks on the DTM calendar? “Imola is a track that has always suited us,” says the Vienna-based Italian, looking forward to his home race. “Norisring is a question mark. We have never been there and we have the experience of T3 from last year that we can build on.”

The challenge may still be waiting for his second home race: “Spielberg is probably the most likely track that goes in the direction of Lausitzring. We will probably have a difficult time there. In Business, on the other hand, we were always. good – and Nürburgring and Hockenheim too they should be the same.”

So he is satisfied with the start of the season: “This year I am proud that we got good points even in races where we had big problems. Because we cannot afford a very bad weekend, because then it can be difficult, if not impossible, to turn the situation around again

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