Embarrassing error of Koenigsegg Jesko license plate in the Netherlands

Embarrassing error of Koenigsegg Jesko license plate in the Netherlands

Drivers who are already experiencing a roll stroke if it is the volume button does not point to the caryou can click away and go to YouTube and watch it for 20 hours unusually satisfyingvideos to watch. Perfectionists immediately notice what is wrong with the first Dutch Koenigsegg Jesko: the letters and numbers are not well placed on the license plate.

License plate virtuoso Jasper Verweij I saw a dish that didn’t focus and called it “bitter.” According to him, the license plate printer did not put the letters in the yellow part, but the letters and numbers are in the center of the entire license plate. As a result, the print is too far to the left and there is too much space to the right of the characters.

The owner knows the letters on the license plate, but doesn’t care about it. He tells Top Gear Netherlands: ‘I think it’s funny, actually. The car is different than usual, the dish is fun. Maybe one day I’ll ask for other records, but it hasn’t bothered me yet. First let’s enjoy this beautiful weather.

Jesko finds new Dutch dishes

A spokesperson for Esser Automotive, where the car was purchased, told Top Gear that the problem has already been resolved: “I’ve already replaced the plates today because they weren’t centered.” So if you see a Jesko at the Amsterdam International Motor Show or on public roads, you’ll see a set of neat license plates.

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