Enter the price list: Nissan Ariya

Enter the price list: Nissan Ariya

With Nissan Ariya, the brand will soon release the second electric passenger car along with LEAF. It will take some time before Ariya is submitted, but you can already order it. We enter the price list.

In design and electrical engineering, Nissan Ariya marks a new beginning for the Japanese brand. Electronic storage has been further developed and we will probably also see design features in other models. Mainly due to chip shortages, the Dutch / European introduction has been postponed until the middle of this year, but you can already order.

Engine and versions Nissan Ariya

The various types of power trains on the Nissan Ariya are closely related to trim standards. The offer starts with Advance. It has a 63 kWh battery and a 160 kW (217 hp) electric motor that drives the front wheels.

This is followed by Evolve, which comes with an 87 kWh battery and a 178 kW (242 hp) electric motor that also operates the front wheels. Optional is a four-wheeled vehicle, which Nissan calls e-4ORCE. The four-wheel drive is composed of a second electric motor on the rear axle, which also immediately means the maximum power of the system. 225 kW (306 hp) to be accurate.

The top example is Performance. It also has an 87 kWh battery pack with two motors and therefore an e-4ORCE four-wheel drive, but with a system power of not less than 290 kW (396 hp).

Performance Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya performance runs up to 100 km per hour in 5.1 seconds and continues up to 200 km / h. The entry level model is also not bad, with a running time of 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 160 km / h. Unfortunately, both front wheel drive models have a top speed of 160 km / h and both versions of the four-wheel drive have a top speed of 200 km / h.

Different types of Nissan Ariya

It is also not necessary and the electric car is an array. Not surprisingly, Evolve comes a long way with only the front wheel drive and the largest battery: 500 miles according to WLTP frequency. The ‘entry level’ with the smallest battery also has the smallest array, though with 360 kilometers which is still a lot for most drivers. Performance comes 400 km due to extra power and the four-wheel-drive Evolve beats up to 480 km WLTP.

Price Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya price list starts at 47,390 euros for the Advanced ‘lighter’ Advance. The most powerful Evolve with a large battery is available from 56,390 euros, with a four-wheeler that costs 61,390 euros. Top Model Performance costs at least 66,390 euros.

Versions and materials

As (brand) of the brand, the Nissan Ariya no doubt already has a lot of common accessories. Some of the attractions: 19-inch alloy wheels, adjustable seats, heated seats, steering wheel and windshield, electric tailgate, 12.3-inch display, lots of sound control information and smart wireless connectivity and of course a whole bunch of support and security. systems.

Evolve further expands, among other things, flexible lighting, panoramic roof (optional for Advance), air-conditioned front seats and more adjustable and memory options, BOSE sound, head display, more support systems and not important. 22 kW board charger (optional) for Advance). With the e-4ORCE four-wheel drive, some visual ornaments and electronic adjustable items are added.

High-performance model performance, compared to Evolve, involves large 20-inch alloy wheels and nappa leather upholstery. The added value of Performance is therefore mainly in performance.

Paint and wheels

Talking about visual decoration: Nissan Ariya is painted in Ceramic Gray as usual. After a series of black and gray tones (a fee of 900 to 1,000 euros) we come to the ‘real’ color. These are always with different black roofs. The most interesting are the Akatsuki Copper and Tinted Red colors for an additional 1,300 euros. Burgundy and Pearl Blue are the most secretive, with an additional cost of 1,400 euros. The variety of colors is the same for each version.

The interior is also available in several shades, but is related to the version. Advance is always completely black inside, Performance is always a kind of gray-blue color scheme. Evolve is available in black, light gray (actually more than non-white) or similar gray-blue. Black is the most common, light gray costs an additional 1,000 euros and blue 1,500 euros.

The same story of wheels: a standard 19-inch alloy, for Evolve 20 inches is an option for 1,000 euros and for Performance the same 20-inch rims are standard.

Our choice? Basically Pearl Blue with standard 19-inch rims. They are already big. Still, we would order Performance in that bright red with 20-inch rims. If you go for the top model, you should stand out.

Collect Nissan Ariya himself

Do you like Nissan Ariya? Or do you prefer LEAF or another Nissan? However, all these models are easy to put together yourself www.nissan.nl† Of course you will also find a complete overview of the materials there.

Did you notice the error? Email us. We thank you.

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