Even the Chevrolet Corvette will be electric

Even the Chevrolet Corvette will be electric

Chevrolet Corvette

(photo: Chevrolet Corvette)

If one still associates the American auto industry with large internal combustion engines only, it is high time to change that. The iconic Corvette model will get a fully electric version.

It’s not just the V8

For years, cars from the USA were appreciated by petrol heads for their internal combustion engines. We often saw a big, high-powered V8 that burned gallons of gasoline and, best of all, made an amazing sound.

It’s true that we’ll still get a lot of American cars with V8s, but we’re hearing more and more about electric cars. A good example is the Mustang Mach-E, a fully electric SUV – yes, today the Mustang is not just a pony car with a powerful internal combustion engine.

Apparently, after the Mustang, the time has come to electrify another American legend – the Chevrolet Corvette, accompanied by V8 engines from the first generation. How about he informed General Motors, a hybrid variant will appear next year, and the next step is to be a version powered by an electric motor only.

In the electric version we will not have such a view (photo: Chevrolet)

The electric Chevrolet Corvette should come as no surprise

It is true that the model with the V8 engine will not disappear immediately, but its future does not look very promising. General Motors plans to go all-electric by 2035 so even iconic cars with combustion engines are waiting to be electrified – eg the Hummer EV.

We don’t know any details about the new Corvettes at this time, but you should expect them to carry on with their character. Sure, they won’t produce the sound of a big internal combustion engine, but they should provide the sportiest experience possible. Moreover, it is the BEV variant that may be the fastest in the history of this model.

I understand that many people may not like the decision of the manufacturer, but slowly it is time to change your attitude. There is no indication that current industry-wide plans will change, and they are thinking of leaving internal combustion engines and switching to electric vehicles.

In the next decade, we will see the debut of new cars in which internal combustion engines will be replaced by electric ones. Indeed The Corvette won’t be one of the few exceptions here.

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