F1 safety car costs Aston Martin more than 70 million euros

F1 safety car costs Aston Martin more than 70 million euros

The mood is high for Aston Martin. The F1 team is doing well, Fernando Alonso is teaching Lance Stroll business tricks and sales seem to be going well too. At least, when it comes to the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition. Aston Martin boss Lawrence Stroll tells them Financial Times The Future of the Car Rally for the sale of the F1 road safety car.

Stroll is asked if there has been an impact on Aston Martin’s sales thanks to F1. He replies: “There’s a saying, I didn’t believe it, but we’re going through it right now: race on Sunday, sell on Monday.” Even before the F1 team was successful, things were going well at AM. In 2022, the brand scrapped 6,412 cars and profits rose from £1 million to £1.4 million.

Aston Martin won in the F1 safety car

The sale of the Vantage F1 Edition helped with that. According to Stroll, between 300 and 400 examples of the F1 safety car have been sold. “It seems like a small number, but for a company our size is important,” says Stroll. The special Vantage costs more than 180,000 euros. For example, a maximum of more than 73 million euros in safety vehicles would be sold.

Aston Martin still has to work to erase all the losses. From Number last year shows that the British car brand is still £766 million in the red. Maybe F1 special editions of existing models could fix that? That’s how Aston Martin might think about it, because now there’s an Aston Martin DBX 707 AMR23 Edition. You can read about it below.