FAA proposes changes including cockpit voice recordings – WISH TV Indianapolis, IN

FAA proposes changes including cockpit voice recordings – WISH TV Indianapolis, IN

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a series of changes to airplane operations, including a mandate for cockpit voice recordings (CVRs).

The proposed regulations, which are aimed at improving the safety of air travel, would require CVRs to be installed in all commercial aircraft operating in the United States. The recordings would capture sounds from the cockpit, including conversations between pilots and other cockpit personnel.

The FAA contends that CVRs are essential for investigating aircraft accidents and incidents. The recordings would provide vital information to investigators, including conversations between the pilot and crew, as well as other cockpit sounds. Additionally, the recordings would provide invaluable data on how aircraft systems are functioning and how the crew is responding to them.

The proposed regulations would also require aircraft operators to use CVRs to record all take-offs and landings. This would allow investigators to quickly determine if there were any problems with the aircraft during these critical phases of flight.

The FAA notes that CVRs are already used in most commercial aircraft, but the proposed regulations would ensure that all aircraft operators would be required to install and use them. The agency also believes that the recordings will help to reduce the number of accidents and incidents, as well as improve safety procedures.

The proposed regulations are currently open for public comment, and the FAA is encouraging the public to provide feedback on the proposed changes. The agency expects the regulations to become effective sometime in the near future.