Fiat 500X for only 15,000 euros: a distorted market, everyone wants it.

Fiat 500X for only 15,000 euros: a distorted market, everyone wants it.

The FIAT 500X can be bought thanks to an attractive offer for a used car that has already made the whole of Italy crazy.

The Turin Company of FIAT over the past few years it has continued to update itself, thus being able to bring a series of new winning models to the market. There 500 It has always been one of the flagship models, but to make it more popular, the X was created.

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It is a crossover with a length of 426 cm, a width of 180 cm and a length of 160 cm. So the five seats are very comfortable and which above all gets good results also for the attention that has been paid to the engine.

There are even three variants available, from petrol to diesel and even arriving in a Mild Hybrid. And the standard “green” comes with a 3-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1000 cubic meters, as well as 120 horsepower which allows him to travel to 188 km/h.

On the other hand, the performance of the hybrid variant improves and not a little, with the engine 4 cylinder and 1500 displacement inside. Power is dictated by its 131 horses that allow it to give life at high speed 194 km / h.

For diesel, on the other hand, there is currently a 4-cylinder 1250 engine with 95 horsepower of force and speed touching i 175 km / h. Also excellent in moderate use with it 4.9 liters per 100 km.

All these characteristics have led to an increase in sales and also in terms of used cars and the FIAT 500X can also be found in the used sector, with very good offers.

FIAT 500X: 15 thousand Euros and less than 50 thousand kilometers

This FIAT 500X which is published on “” is brand new, in fact it was only registered in August 2018. 45,834 kilometers which have been transported by the vehicle. So it means that the previous two owners, according to the website, used the car for less than 10,000 kilometers per year.

Fiat 500X, for only 15 thousand euros (Source: car hero)

Considering how it’s a ben engine 140 horse power and 1400 cubic capacity, we are actually dealing with a new model and engine life that will continue for a long time to come.

Final repairs began April 12, 2023 and according to what is reported on the website, he has never had any accidents. In addition, the next inspection will only have to be carried out in August 2024, so it will be possible to buy a car that has recently been stripped and completed accordingly.

The car was initially put on the market at a price of 17,399 Euros, but the seller recently changed his mind and moved to 15,099 Euros. A real bargain for anyone looking to start shopping for this FIAT 500Xa model who has been among the most popular for some time now.