Fiat Ducato: a little freedom

Fiat Ducato: a little freedom

That record is scary. According to the latest figures from the Federal Bureau of Statistics, there were more than 14,000 accidents involving personal injuries in 2019, in which passenger cars, i.e., light commercial vehicles, were involved. Two-thirds of them were even reason. This is one of the reasons why Fiat now offers so many support systems to Ducato for sale more that can prevent or at least reduce such accidents. The transporter, which was also upgraded at the same time, may be partially independent of level 2, as it assists the driver of other tasks. Ducato is the first commercial vehicle capable of doing this.

Fiat Ducato and many electronic assistants

Electronic aids include a speed controller, an emergency brake system that also detects pedestrians and cyclists, and the detection of traffic signals. In addition, there is a distance radar, which automatically follows the car in front of traffic jams with the following “stop and go”, as well as a lane system, which puts Ducato in the middle of the lane and enters directly into the highway. operation in the event of a deviation.

Digital rearview mirror should also contribute to safety, which transmits a brightly colored image of what is happening behind the car to the driver. Other additional features include a cross-sectional auxiliary, which, such as trailer controls, is intended to ensure greater stability. Fiat Ducato was the first car to be awarded the “Platinum” for best safety in the “Euro NCAP” safety test.

However, the nature of this as well as the safety is the intention of the operators of the shipping vessels to order the extra expensive surplus provided at the time of purchase. According to ADAC, however, conventional devices that do not have all of these security systems are the most affordable. That’s why the car club has now tested 19 cars that had only the usual equipment. 18 of them failed. Since the “Euro NCAP” exam tested candidates for complete equipment, ADAC even talks about the “fraud package” and concludes: “Security is only available at an additional cost”.

The design of support systems is more expensive and is usually passed on to the client. This is no different from passenger cars, but technology there usually finds its way quickly in series production. Parliament is instrumental in improving the safety of light commercial vehicles: an emergency brake attachment must be available for new developments from July this year, and for new customer registration from 2024. Identification of pedestrians and cyclists will be necessary at a later date. . Fiat is at least well prepared by its Ducato. However, the aforementioned systems are not available for the electronic version of the donkey pack, as it is still on the main platform.

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