Fire forces 8 from Colorado Springs apartments – Yahoo News

Fire forces 8 from Colorado Springs apartments – Yahoo News

Flames necessitated the exodus of eight people from a Colorado Springs apartment complex on Sunday evening, as firefighters battled to contain the conflagration.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department responded to the blaze at the apartment complex, located in the 800 block of South Nevada Avenue, at about 6:45 p.m. Sunday. Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters encountered flames and heavy smoke emanating from the building.

The fire department immediately set to work to contain the inferno and evacuate residents from the building, while simultaneously searching for anyone possibly trapped in the burning structure.

After approximately two hours of firefighting efforts, the department was able to quell the blaze. However, due to the severity of the fire and the consequent damage to the building, eight occupants were ultimately displaced.

The Red Cross was contacted in order to provide the displaced individuals with accommodation. In addition, the American Red Cross is offering assistance to the victims of the fire, including food, clothing, and comfort.

At the present time, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Nevertheless, the Colorado Springs Fire Department has urged local inhabitants to practice fire safety, including the regular checking of smoke alarms, and to create an evacuation plan in case of an emergency.