First with 460 hp and the highest price

First with 460 hp and the highest price

( – We saw what felt like thousands of spy shots, we were already allowed to drive it as a prototype and we were probably as excited as you were to see the angular beast BMW M had ground. out of the stable. Well, the wait is over – say goodbye to the new BMW M2 (buy a used BMW M2 now).

BMW M2 (2023)


The beginning would certainly not have bothered you too much. Leaked photos from an unusual angle have been doing the rounds on the internet recently, causing excitement among fans. Now that you can absorb the square power cube from every imaginable angle, you can get the picture.

Quick look at technical data BMW M2 (G87)

Performance: 460 hp / 550 Nm

0-100km/h: 4.1 seconds (auto) / 4.3 seconds (switch)

Height: 4,575 mm

Wide: 1,887 mm

Height: 1,404 mm

Wheel base: 2,747 mm

Weight (empty): 1,725kg (automatic) / 1,700 kg (switch)


It was somehow to be expected that it would be more controversial and abstract than its good, beefy predecessor. Edge is trump here. At the front of the air intake, alone, thank goodness for the grill with adequate dimensions, on the rear apron of the fuel and of course also on the monstrous wide fenders.

In their angularity they quote a little blessed E30 M3. Fat side skirts also fit the bill. A carbon roof is available for an additional charge. Unfortunately, the Toronto red only looks half-matt, half-shiny because of the studio lighting. Not frozen polish.

Compared to the previous F87, the new one (G87) is 11.4 cm long, 3.3 cm wide and 1.1 cm longer. The wheelbase has increased by 5.4 centimeters (probably no one wants to sit back anyway, more on that in a moment).

Compared to the regular 2-series coupe, the M2 grows six centimeters wider. Otherwise the big brother M4’s wide axles and skins wouldn’t fit.

Chassis / driving dynamics

You probably already know it: the new M2 is basically an M3/M4 with a slightly shorter wheelbase and its own body. Technology comes almost one to one from big brother.

Drive, axles, chassis, brakes, a great stiffness and rigidity package (only 35kg), all the driving elements – which unfortunately make the M2 a neat little boy. It weighs 1,700 kg as a manual transmission, and 8-speed automatic is 1,725. Without a driver. Wow.

On the other hand, this setup makes the car more mature and grippy than before. Trust us, we’ve already tried.

It is more poisonous than the little brother

This of course is also due to wide slippers. They are also from the M4 and now measure 275/35/19 in the front and 285/30/20 in the rear. Until now, the M2 slipped and slid on 245 and 265 19-inch wheels.

The difference in the driving force of the M4 was then achieved. As it should be for a wild little brother, he should be more willing and generally more venomous.

A short wheelbase helps, but so do a few tweaks. Suspension engineer Sven Esch tells me: “We made the springs harder on the front axle and softer on the rear axle. This gives me a tendency to turn quickly when turning.

To compensate, so that it doesn’t lose too much, we use a rear damper Visiting the M3. It can develop higher damping forces and in turn makes the rear axle more stable.”

driving / driving performance

Maybe let’s stop for a minute. Be humble and grateful. Because this car is the last new M BMW that goes without electric shocks in its powertrain. It was a good time. cry

But what probably concerns us all the most is the question: Yes, how much power can he squeeze out of the S58 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six, the beloved M2? In the end it was 460 hp and 550 Nm. And the same torque, just 20 hp less than the base M4. The M3/M4 Racing does not have 50 hp and 100 Nm. So there is still room for improvement for any “performance” versions like the M2 CS.

In a photo session at the studio, I was told that an all-wheel drive version is not necessarily in the pipeline right now, but that many things can be considered. Translated, this means: There may still be something.

Fortunately, as it stands, the M2 is a short, powerful rear-wheel drive car that you can still get with a 6-speed gearbox. It goes from 0-100 km / h in 4.3 seconds. The gear ratio is the same as that of the M4, ie it is very long. This is not only beneficial, as we found out when testing its older brother.

Otherwise, the ZF 8-speed gearbox in the M trim is on the price list. Without the third pedal, the 0-100 km/h sprint time drops to 4.1 seconds. Independent of the transmission, the electronic locking differential controls the power distribution between the rear wheels. And of course the tenth level control from M3/M4 should not be missed either.

internal space

BMW’s big curved display has also made it into the M2. In the future, the larger M2 family will have a combination of a 12.3-inch instrument display and a 14.9-inch infotainment screen. On the latter side you can be shown many new things. For example, the M configuration adjusts the engine, chassis, brakes, steering and traction control to your own taste. There’s also a useless (but cool) drift scanner and timer.

In the doors, the precious artistic play of the colors of the classic 2-series coupés has been changed to the classic colors of the M. It looks great. Most important for the self-determined sports driver: There are three different seats. In times of administration, that should lead to various meaningful conflicts in front of the developer.

In addition to the base seat from the standard 2 series, you have the option of an M sport seat and an M carbon bucket seat. I’m always uncomfortable, but I’ve learned now that I’m alone with it.

Remind yourself: go to the doctor. In addition to looking great, the carbon fiber seat has another decisive advantage – it is 54 (!!!) kg lighter than the M sport seat. That raises the question of what the M sport seat is made of. Out of stone?

As always, the front seat is a place and looks a little lower than the previous one. But you don’t want to sit back. The trunk volume is 390 liters.

Market launch/Price

Like both series, the M2 will roll off the assembly line in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The market launch will take place in April 2023. Unfortunately, one strength of the predecessor that cannot be denied is falling a little – the price.

If it should be a little more M

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In 2018, the previous M2 Racing started at 61,900 euros. The new M2 costs at least 72,800 euros. After all, the premise of preparing the car very well in the old works has remained the same. Distribution, seats, colors and a few tricks – you don’t have to choose more.

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