Flashback – ‘The Auto Gids’ No. 139 (1985)

Flashback – ‘The Auto Gids’ No. 139 (1985)

Cover ‘De Auto Gids’ 141 (February 21, 1985) was empty under the Porsche 944 Turbo, for which we submitted a Brief Test. Three Extensive Road Trials were of different types: BMW 518i, Opel Kadett Estate 1.6D and Subaru Leone 1800 4×4 Estate.† (Note: text copied without modification).

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Detailed tests

Three models were subjected to extensive testing in ‘De Auto Gids’ number 141: BMW 518i, Opel Kadett Break 1.6D and finally Subaru Leone 1800 4×4 Break. Below you can read the headline, conclusions and features / flaws of the models involved.

BMW 518i

“Insane as time goes on and the technology of the car changes. A striking example is the injection of gasoline. In the early 1970’s, one could almost count the fingers of one of the European designers who built tourist cars with gasoline injection system. is very different: the share of injection engines in European production of gasoline guzzlers for touring cars is over 16%, compared to a record percentage of 35% in the Federal Republic of Germany. three are. on the road with a gasoline needle. “


With a capacity of only 90 horses under a hat, 518 looked like a deprived child of the family. The 518i has 105 hp with electronic injectors and performs much better, though the four-cylinder does not have the story of a standard BMW six-cylinder. Despite the good will of this engine, drivers are sometimes left in the cold. It lacks energy but lacks torque in the lower resuscitation and is constrained by long-term transmission and therefore unstructured. Consumption continues to improve, despite recent innovations in the area, such as power cuts when gas is reduced. Like other BMW designs, this 518i does not feel comfortable on a slippery road surface. The trap is a little dangerous in snow and ice. On dry land, you will find again that “freude am fahren” which is a hallmark of BMW. Handling then is a very high standard. The steering is very accurate and the brakes are more than a resistance. The enthusiast will also be pleased with the low noise level and well-appointed interior. Finishing is very good, but we regret short equipment and many options and very expensive. “


  • No noise engine
  • Good performances
  • Comfort and silence
  • Handle (on dry road)
  • Normal servo operation
  • Well-appointed interior
  • Large stem space
  • A well-maintained finish


  • Lack of punch down
  • Badly spread tray
  • Hold on to slippery road surfaces
  • Improve consumption
  • Common equipment is limited
  • Expensive options (tachometer …)

Opel Kadett Break 1.6D

“Like the 1985 car, Opel Kadett did not leave anyone indifferent. Its attractions show the times and of course this is one of the arguments that decided the jury election. The most prestigious of the ranks, according to experts, is the real estate version. version 1.3 S. “


“With Kadett, the wind blew from the future horn in Opel. That explains in part to why it was called the car of the year. In all models, the Caravan is the most balanced in the line. Careful and careful. The design has a practical orientation. User takes first place. Upholstery can withstand all types of use. low. The yak is sold by choice only. The atmospheric movements, which are partly responsible for the circular shapes of Kadett, play a trick on the rest, which the ribs and back. in wet weather. The Opel Kadett 1.6 D caravan is the very first functional and practical vehicle, which also manifests itself in the finish field. After all, isn’t that what one expects from him? “


  • Action line
  • Amount of “stem space”
  • Economic engine
  • Proper operation
  • Special brakes
  • Keep the road healthy


  • Noisy car
  • Low speed
  • It was abused five times faster
  • Bodywork quickly dirty
  • Hard to fill
  • Conservation areas are very limited
  • Few materials

Subaru Leone 1800 4×4 Break

“As a pioneer of four-wheel drive vehicles, the Subaru has taken its time to emerge. Japanese manufacturers were able to prove themselves in some countries where the weather was not always good. I think, for example. Somewhere there were few drivers interested in the benefits of driving. for four wheels
Audi which has found success in this area. The builder comes up with a new concept and gives them 4 x 4 his honorary letters. That does not prevent Subaru from following its path in such a way that what is happening officially could be a cover-up for more secretive construction. “


“Subaru Leone 4 x 4 new estate is the first of its kind, comfortable and very comfortable car. It can handle long distances with excellent comfort and does not carry much of the American market seal. , it works effectively In rough and slippery roads, the subaru handles well. Expert drivers will be able to take advantage of this feature on normal roads, provided they maintain a reasonable speed. greater downward rotation due to mechanics arrangement.The balance is not entirely suitable for the engine. fist, it works well but with strong motivation and acceleration.they are not. on the accelerator. Distribution is not a real support for this engine. He is too tall for that. One can easily change things in this area. However, things cannot be reversed. The Japanese were able to quickly respond to imports from the importer. So Subaru is working on a new version of this 1800. The engine that is already under construction will have new camshafts and a more modified power supply. So he would get brio and low consumption. We can find out more about it in a few weeks … “


  • Lovely line
  • Comfortable car
  • Complete equipment
  • good brakes
  • Healthcare, especially in 4×4


  • Very weak engine
  • High consumption
  • Very long gearbox
  • The steering wheel is too strong
  • Sometimes the control of a coincidence or story

Short test

In ‘De Auto Gids’ nr. 141 we also brought the Short Porsche 944 Turbo Test; “Porsche real, despite 4 cylinders …”. Below you can read the headline and the conclusion of the article.

Porsche 944 Turbo

Porsche, a magical name for many car enthusiasts. In addition to sports car, cars from Zuffenhausen also enjoy a unique reputation (in the class of «exotics») reliability, as well as what the Germans call «Alltagstauglichkeit», possibly. the most stressful things in traffic using Porsche (traffic congestion, bad weather, sleeping out here or there, etc.). “


“Once we get the financial influence behind us, we have to admit: driving a Porsche is still the most advanced part of driving. It’s a fun thing for those who can afford it.

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