Ford drivers will benefit from the Tesla Supercharger.  What will happen in Europe? v

Ford drivers will benefit from the Tesla Supercharger. What will happen in Europe? v

The big car companies should pay attention to Tesla. Proof of this is a new agreement with Ford, thanks to which electric cars from this manufacturer in the USA and Canada will be able to use 12,000. Tesla superchargers.

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And not about the fact that Fords will be able to charge where Teslas, but more about the fact that the network of 12,000. Electric company chargers charge cars very quickly. For a customer looking for a new electrician, this could be the bargaining chip for choosing Ford.

However, in order for Fords to enter the territory intended for Tesla, minor changes to the cars are required. Ford has announced that electric vehicles available in North America from 2025 will have a modified charging socket. From CCS, which is also popular in Europe, they will switch to the NACS connector used in American Teslas. This applies to models: Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit and F-150 Electric.

However, people who have already bought a car with a CCS connector are not left out in the cold. Superchargers will be available at Ford starting in spring 2024. At that time, an adapter from the CCS standard to the NACS standard will be available. Elon Musk tweeted that such an adapter should not cost more than a thousand dollars.

Tesla in the US offers about 17,000. charger, which is about 60 percent. of all chargers in this country. Earlier, Musk announced that he would make his equipment available for cars from other manufacturers, but it was about 3.5 thousand. points. This is a very small number compared to the number of chargers offered to Ford.

Americans are also proud to be offline 84,000 chargers available in the US and Canada in the largest public charging network, additional Tesla points mean that Ford electric users have the largest network of fast charging included in these countries.

Electric Fords in Europe

As we were able to find out in the Polish branch of Ford, currently in Europe there is no information about changing the socket in cars and it is doubtful that anything will change in this field. Even in European Teslas, the standard socket is CCS, as in Fords. It is an extended Type 2 socket with additional connectors for fast charging of vehicles. Back in 2013, Type 2 was selected by the European Commission as officially used in the European Community.

Photo: Krzysztof Kaźmierczak / Auto Świat

Mustang Mach-E CCS charging socket

As a result, Teslas imported from the US to Europe cannot be charged and an adapter or socket change is required. For this reason, Fords changes in the American market will not affect the cars in Europe much. And as with US Teslas, from 2025 importing an electric Ford from the US will involve replacing the plug. Except at the same time the standard will change to the one used in Tesla of America.