Former Volvo chairman Claes Nilsson is joining the management of Volta Trucks

Former Volvo chairman Claes Nilsson is joining the management of Volta Trucks

It’s a surprise. Claes Nilsson, former boss of Volvo Trucks, joins the Management Committee of Volta Trucks. An arrival that will give more credit to the project of the young company launched in 2019. The 100% electric Volta Zero of 16 tons is currently in the test phase, mainly in France. The first models should leave the factory within a few days, according to Volta Trucks.

“The appointment of Claes Nilsson comes just two months after the appointment of Karl Viktor Schaller to the Board of Directors of Volta Trucks. This new appointment adds experience within the Committee, providing Volta Trucks with valuable industry expertise and legitimacy as the company focuses on its operations business and change the initial intention of all Volta Zero vehicles to company orders,” said Douglas Snyder, Chairman of Luxor Capital Group and Chairman of the Volta Trucks Management Committee, before adding: “Trucks to receive the first orders of customers will roll off our production line in Steyr, Austria, at the beginning of this year. »

Volta Trucks is therefore restructuring its management team. 4 months ago, Volta Trucks had appointed Adam Chassin as Commercial Director, former employee of Uber and Amazon where he was European commercial director and strategy director respectively.

First comments from Claes Nilsson since his arrival at Volta Trucks: “It is with great enthusiasm that I am joining the Management Committee of Volta Trucks. I am very excited about the company’s vision and goals, to provide electric trucks and thus contribute to making the industry transportation to be more sustainable. The product is a concept of world memory, for improving the electric truck, but also for the safety it brings to drivers and other road users. The model of operation and the speed with which Volta Trucks worked also contribute to my interest. But the thing the most important thing is the positive feedback of the people I have come in contact with. With my years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, I look forward to helping Volta Trucks in its future development. »

Volta Trucks also launched its innovative “Truck as a Service” proposition that will revolutionize the financing and maintenance of utility vehicles and truck fleets. The “Truck as a Service” offering offers fleet managers a simple and efficient way to electrify their fleet and will simplify every step of the way for an affordable monthly fee that gives them access to the all-electric Volta Zero, too. as its entire infrastructure for charging, servicing, maintenance, insurance and training necessary to maximize vehicle uptime and fleet operational efficiency.

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