General Motors disappeared from Europe.  I blinked.  General Motors returned to Europe

General Motors disappeared from Europe. I blinked. General Motors returned to Europe

General Motors returns to Europe. They did not last long without the old continent.

In 2017, General Motors announced it was pulling out of Europe altogether. Chevrolet’s successful European division was closed, while Opel and Vauxhall were sold to PSA, now Stellantis. All this “to focus on markets that are more profitable.” So the GMs calculated and calculated, and realized that it was the only reasonable move. A move that cost them in 2017 a total of 6 billion dollars, which closed the year with a loss of 3.9 billion. This is clearly a cost they could afford.

It has been 6 years of absence of GM from Europe

This time, in fact, profits were reported to have increased and the general condition improved greatly. This was helped by the epidemic, which allowed to increase the price of cars, explaining the poor availability of equipment. Thanks to this, car manufacturers began to earn as much as before, although they sold fewer cars. Apparently, since 2021, General Motors management has been preparing return to the European market. However, it will be a different return than we expect, because GM wants to come here only with electric cars and only in selected markets. We can not count on small combustion engines Sparks or Aveos, if something is visible – they will be electric SUVs, of course, but they are very expensive. One of the sponsors is the Cadillac Lyriq, which is a luxury SUV.

Of course, it won’t be offered across Europe

Experts predict that GM’s return to Europe will start with Scandinavian markets, where large SUVs and electric cars are popular. Then maybe they’ll try their hand at other markets, but I doubt they’ll be very successful. After all, many European markets have already been taken over by local producers. Scandinavia is an exception, because there, apart from Volvo, there is no local brand that buyers would be particularly connected to. The same is true in Switzerland. However, I don’t think it will be possible to convince the Germans to abandon the idea of ​​​​buying a Mercedes EQS SUV in favor of a Cadillac Lyriq.

Over time, perhaps Chevrolet SUVs will also come to us, but only in electric versions

Equinox or Blazer could also go to Europe, but these are ideas for now. By now, some markets may already be rubbing their Scandinavian hands in anticipation of Cadillac. I would prefer – when it comes to GM brands – for example Baojun or Wuling to go to Poland, but I don’t expect that. Baojun Yep at 2/3 the price of Dacia Spring can mix things up here. The problem is that GM will not want to import mass products from us, but only luxury, high-end products, so nothing will change for the average customer. And a customer with a thick wallet will have to be very careful to choose a GM product over a European premium.

The funny thing is how short they lasted

Withdrawal from Europe was supposed to be a solution to financial losses. Bad Europe, not worth it, who ever heard that, says GM and leaves, only to knock again on the door shortly after and ask “hey, do you want something from Cadillac?” I think something went wrong with Excel.

Bubbles meme time. It is as relevant here as before.

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