General Motors is investing one billion dollars for the production of its future gasoline-powered vehicles

General Motors is investing one billion dollars for the production of its future gasoline-powered vehicles

General Motors has embarked on a multibillion-dollar electrification push, but the American automaker isn’t putting everything into battery-powered vehicles. In the North American market, the most popular cars to be sold remain pickups motor V8. In 2022, the three best-selling passenger vehicles in the United States were trucks. First place went to the family Ford F (650,000 units), followed by Chevy Silverado (500,000 units) and family to take RAM (470,000 units). This range includes several categories of pickups, the largest of which are called heavy-duty ». Last year GM was sold 288 000 cars in this category, ie an increase of 38 %. His example Chevrolet Silverado HD he even took it head of this part. Of impressive specifications, these cars generally benefit from a high level of equipment and price in the report. These are the most popular examples with payment to American manufacturers, who have fully exploited this the margin comfortable last year, thanks to the low discount rate. So there is nothing surprising in this decision, even if it can be seen against the present electric current. If the first examples of electric pick-ups are sold on US soil, sales remain broad-based for examples to heat motor.

Big Pickups for Big Profits

General Motors therefore decided to invest more billion dollars on its two sites Flintconsisting of an assembly plant and a treading station. Today, we are announcing a major investment in Flint to secure our leadership position in the large pickup segment by equipping our two sites to build the next generation of Heavy Duty Trucks with internal combustion engines. », so it emphasizes Gerald Johnsonexecutive vice president of manufacturing and sustainability at GM. This investment demonstrates our commitment to our loyal Trucking customers and Flint site partners. », continues the leader. This double taxation is more understandable since the buyers in question have signature checks that can be exceeded 100 000 dollars and that the Flint site is childhood of The UAW union (United Auto Workers).

Love the UAW

By investing more than a billion dollars in its two Flint sites, General Motors is ensuring its share profit for years to come. The company also buys the form of social peacesince the Flint plant saw birth of the union UAW and remain a sign of social struggle carried out since the 1930s. In a delicate social environment for GM, this investment is a breath of fresh air, even if the end will not be enough to guarantee the breath of the manufacturer for a very long time. This investment has been added to the total of 579 millions of dollars already released for the production of the sixth generation of engines V8″ small block », for affected models not yet established by GM. Heavy duty transport probably will be recent cars For give up engine heat in North America. Available locally gasoline V8 And V8 turbo-dieselthey respond to both personal and professional use, for owners most of the time attached for this type of car. A car that for decades has been a sign from the United States.