Genesis is unveiling two new concept cars in New York

Genesis is unveiling two new concept cars in New York

The concept of Genesis Neolun represents the ultimate generosity according to Genesis. The name “Neolun” comes from the Greek word “neo” meaning new, and the Latin “luna” meaning moon. Together, they sum up the technological innovations that Hyundai’s first brand is capable of.

The car comes in “Midnight Black” and “Majestic Blue” livery, which is inspired by the “smooth Korean night sky,” Genesis said. The most interesting aspect of the exterior concerns the absence of the B-pillar, an arrangement that provides a more open space for the interior and makes it easier for passengers to access the car. In addition, the electric running boards automatically activate when the doors are opened, thus facilitating the entry and exit of passengers, before re-entering when the vehicle is closed.

In addition to its distinctive signature lights, the retractable roof bars emphasize the SUV identity of the Neolun Concept, while matching the vehicle’s body line.

In terms of interior, Neolun Concept takes a modern interpretation of Korean hotel culture. This cockpit, which is meant to be spacious and comfortable, is dressed in “Royal Indigo” colored cashmere and “Purple Silk” leather, has a dark wooden floor, and accommodates several screens as well as a state-of-the-art system. sound. Chairs with a swivel function are also available as well as a heater inspired by a traditional Korean heater called “ondol”. The concept heating system consists of heat films placed on the dashboard, door panels, floor, seat backs and sides of the console.

The Magma program extended to the entire Genesis lineup

Through its Magma program, Genesis aims to offer high-performance versions of all its models. The Genesis GV60 Magma concept makes its appearance, following on the heels of the G80 Magma Special sedan.

Genesis’ first electric model, the GV60, gets improved battery and drive technology here. Genesis does not provide any information about this improved group. Its chassis has also been lowered to emphasize its dynamic character.

At the front, the larger lower air intake in the bumper effectively cools the battery, engine and brakes, while the air curtains improve the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. Three vents developed above the main air intake, inspired by the GV80 CoupĂ© Concept and G80 Magma Special, also provide additional cooling.

The flared fenders house the 21-inch wheels finished in titanium, with integrated aerodynamic discs, which also help cool the brakes. On the roof, the fins control the aerodynamic flow and direct it towards the rear wing, thus generating back force and ensuring aerodynamic fluidity.

Finally, the cabin of this GV60 Magma concept welcomes bucket seats with body-colored backrests, covered in nappa leather and suede, with double diamond stitching in orange and titanium gray.

The GV60 Magma concept and the Neolun concept are currently on display at the Korean manufacturer’s stand at the New York Auto Show (March 29 to April 8) alongside the G80 Magma Special and the X Gran Berlinetta concept.