GMC hurricane was allowed to compete against the Ferrari 348 TB

GMC hurricane was allowed to compete against the Ferrari 348 TB

In each edition Autovisie Journal we go into our archive history and highlight the illuminated figure years ago. This time it is GMC Hurricane.

Well, both times GM if the US car media claims that GMC Hurricane is traveling at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour than Porsche or Ferrari, we at Autovisie should undoubtedly look into that. So in 1992, with the best SUV and Ferrari 348 TB, we went to the TT circuit in Assen to decide this impossible fight once and for all.

bad man

Cyclone is still a unique sight. Its three-door square body, according to the venerable Chevrolet Blazer / GMC Jimny, has been lowered and placed on top of an air-conditioned package that may have little effect on aerodynamics. The black layout along with the black windows makes the car look as ugly as bad man from the west, although other colors are also available.

The 16-inch-thin lightweight metal completes the package. But it is precisely within that that counts. No, it’s not the interior, which is stripped of artificial wood for sportswear and is supplied in bulk and leather. We are concerned with its 4.3-liter V6, which is usually good at 190 hp, but is now completely redesigned and fitted with a larger turbo. This produces 284 hp and 485 Nm, which are the highest values ​​in 1992. Unfortunately, all of that power has to hit the road via a four-speed automatic BorgWarner transmission, which uses a lot of that power.

Fire in the brakes

The chassis is adjusted by thick stability in the front and sports dampers, the rear leaf springs are supported by ladder controls. All potential land area has been carefully filtered. Unfortunately, the brakes are not at the level of a large car: on the rear axle we only get drum brakes and despite the presence of ABS, Cyclone brakes are very low. After a few quick turns on the road, the brakes came crashing down.

The whirlwind rotates and dives slightly, the steering wheel is not automatic, but with certain policies it is very fast to drive. Finally we measure the 0-100 time of 5.9 seconds, which is not inferior to the manufacturer’s specifications, or to the 5.6 seconds that Ferrari leaves for its 348. Unfortunately the Dutch winter weather is bad for us and the song is getting wet. The fight has not yet been decided, we conclude that the Ferrari should cut off the Hurricane on dry land. But so far the story has not been broken.

Offers and prices GMC Typhoon

GMC has created only 4697 Storms, spread over a three-year model, with 2998 Syclone take-off units. Instant approach, in the United States there is a club for Cyclone / Syclone owners only. They have never been officially imported into Europe, so it is rare, despite the fact that there has been a stock of cars that have not been sold in Germany for some time. And the beautiful Syclone (presented in black only) can be found in the Netherlands for 40,000 euros. In Italy A bright blue hurricane sells for 23,900 euros and in Germany a black repellent for 5 mille.

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