Go to Stelvio!  Run curves on Stelvio Pass and Porsche Macan GTS

Go to Stelvio! Run curves on Stelvio Pass and Porsche Macan GTS

The Porsche Macan GTS is the best athlete among the touring SUVs – it combines the performance of adrenaline pumping with an unrestricted appetite for folds. For author Jan Karl Baedeker, the request hidden in the model name was quite obvious: Go to Stelvio!

In Passo dello Stelvio, wheat is separated from the chaff. Whenever a new sports car hits the road and promises more speed, dynamics and speed, I ask myself the question: What would happen to Stelvio’s Pass? With 48 curly hair curves and an elevation of nearly 1,900 meters at the northern ramp only, “Stelvio” at South Tyrol is something like the last boss among Alpine passports. There is no place where snake staccato is more impressive. Hans Stuck won the story corners in the Grand Prix race car, and Fausto Coppi stepped on a metal will at Giro d’Italia. Not the passing of good drivers, Stelvio must fail. If the car is spraying endorphins here and you do not have to bow on the part of the hair pin at a slow pace like a retired Dutch home car driver, it deserves the name of a sports car.

A few years ago, when I spent a week at Stelvio Pass with Munich photographer Stefan Bogner researching and photographing our joint book “Porsche Drive – Stelvio”, his gray Nard Porsche 911 GTS of the 991th generation was used as our production. Time and again and again we passed through sharp wrinkles and wrinkles, in the morning and in complete darkness, in rain and fog, often several times a day, always following the perfect time of the mountain. And during this last stress test for the engine, brakes, tires, gearbox and suspension, we did not find anything we could change on this 911 – everything was adjusted as you would like. Stelvio had found a similar rival in the Porsche 911 GTS. When Porsche unveiled the Macan with the nickname GTS for the first time, the purpose of my next trip was immediately clear: on the Swiss border, on the Alpine story road between Prad im Vinschgau and Bormio in Valtellina, a new SUV from Zuffenhausen. it also had to prove itself.

How can a practical family car be so much fun?

What makes the Porsche Macan so attractive is its practicality for everyday use: After all, after a week of high performance in the office, you don’t have to choose between family trips and alpine road games – both possible with a compact SUV . ! It is not surprising, then, that Macan leads in sales rates in the Alpine nation of Switzerland. With a 444 hp three-liter six-cylinder, flexible flyline, new front wing with distinct wing, soft side blouses and a rear end with four rear hoses, the new Macan GTS is now closer to the Porsche race models from Weissach . With only five doors, five seats – and enough space for a family vacation.

However, I do not want to put the youngsters behind for a dynamic endurance test at Stelvio. And so, on Monday morning in October, alone under the azure sky, I slipped through the first gentle streams of this well-known route. Next to me, there are only a few local horse horses on the mountain with their race bikes – these are the last days before the winter solstice closes. I lower the windows, icy mountain air flows into the cockpit, the sound of a six-cylinder engine is heard from the forest, the white peaks of Ortles pass through the larch trees. Porsche steering is as confident as it is, you almost think you are behind the wheel of 911. Behind Trafoi then the first big hair pin twists. The 21-inch race and 2.8-meter wheelbase are ideal for long distances – but the Macan GTS can still navigate through tough snakes with ease and amazing accuracy. The GT operating system is easy to hold, shift paddles invite you to play. How can a practical family car be so much fun?

Beyond the tree line comes loose style: the road passes over steep slopes in 21 well-placed bends, the highest point is now 570 meters high, the hole on the left yawns terribly behind the natural stone walls. An unimaginable impression on the gas pedal, and … Wonderful! But the power of the Macan GTS can be delivered accurately and safely, the sports air suspension picks up road markings marked by wind and weather with normal accuracy, the all-wheel drive plays with skill and power supply – here it accelerates . , brakes and steering wheel become rhythmic instruments. And with a growing feeling of excitement, I follow the rhythm of the road until I suddenly stop at the top of the pass. 2757 meters above sea level. So step outside and enjoy the spectacular panoramic view. I exchange a few words with Richard Ritsch, who has been selling his legendary sausages and sauerkraut here for over 50 years – and has recently been making a profit in bitcoins. Time does not stand still on the Stelvio Pass as well.

In the evening, the evening lands on Vinschgau, the Ortler massif peaks shine again in the final sunlight, the Macan red light zone joins the Alps light down the valley, warm air shines over the cap. This Porsche also mastered Stelvio for flying colors, GTS got its spurs on the mountain. And if you are going to put this round runner in your garage, you should follow a hidden request in the name of the model – and at least once ride the mysterious Stelvio snake.