Hennessey makes the Dodge SRT Demon 680 more powerful

Hennessey makes the Dodge SRT Demon 680 more powerful

Billionaires these days are no longer satisfied with just a big car. Things should be as small as possible to attract. Hennessey’s tune projects are many, but not limited. Or they really were, because Hennessey now also tune cars to a lesser extent. John Hennessey establishes HSO (Hennessey Special Operations) for that purpose. First project: Dodge Demon 1700.

As a base, Hennessey uses the last and most powerful gasoline Dodge Challenger, the SRT Demon 170. 3,300 of these are made. Twelve of these can be operated by Hennessey. John himself will be the first customer, so he leaves eleven ads. Finder to change the position of the complete previous training. After the conversion, you will receive the train back in the crate, if you change your mind and want to keep the old engine.

Dodge Demon 1700 Details

The new powertrain features two turbos. With those turbos, power increases from 1,039 hp to 1,723 hp. Yes, the Hennessey engine is a McLaren Artura more powerful than the already not so weak Dodge SRT Demon. Hennessey still doesn’t know what that will do to performance. The price of additional power is also unknown.

In the video below you can see John Hennessey proudly talking about the new division and driving the first HSO toy. It seems simple, Dodge climbs at a speed of more than 230 km / h. Hennessey then pulls another set of rear tires, but also notes that the brakes could use an upgrade. He also gives a good tip: ‘Don’t be such a fool Cars and Coffee who drives him into the pit, as I did just now.’

HSO sings a few cars a year

Unfortunately, the Demon is currently the only car that HSO will build. The department says it wants to build between fifteen and twenty vehicles a year. It is highly likely that there will not be many more HSO models delivered in 2024. Interested parties can apply for a chance to buy outright.