Hill warns Ferrari: ‘Pain must come out now’

Hill warns Ferrari: ‘Pain must come out now’

Damon Hill thinks Ferrari can have fun in Circuit Silverstone. The Italian car racing building has had a Grands Prix series, and now it has to change the profits that Red Bull Racing has. The British Grand Prix is ​​a crucial race that falls in the middle of the season, and if Ferrari still wants to put the world title first, they must be of high quality this weekend according to one world champion.

Ferrari has been plagued by issues of dependability several times. As a result, Charles Leclerc was forced to start the Canadian Grand Prix from last place, for example. It’s annoying for a team from Maranello, but Hill warns that a similar situation could suddenly play out for the crown’s top rival, Red Bull: “Don’t forget that Red Bull has also had technical problems.”

“They’ve also split up a few times. Surely this is a very important factor in this title race,” he asks. In the first 2022 race, in particular, things got tough at the Austrian stadium, with Max Verstappen retiring twice in the first three races of the year. Since then they have recovered well.

Hill: ‘Ferrari must eliminate bites’

Ferrari must break that beautiful Red Bull variety and lead itself. Silverstone announces the middle part of the calendar, a hamburger on a bun. Ferrari now must take away the pain, “Hill warns.

“Red Bull has taken advantage of what Ferrari previously had. They have speed, they have drivers. They just need more speed, maybe they will get it on this track,” concludes Hill. Silverstone does not have a lot of series, which in theory should play in the hands of Red Bull.

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