How Ita Airways is modernizing its fleet

How Ita Airways is modernizing its fleet

Lufthansa wants to create synergies with the takeover of Ita Airways: and not only from the joint management of the network, sales and coordinated cooperation in many other areas of operation. Italy’s state-owned airline fleet should also help Ita jump to profitability as soon as possible.

It is important that Ita’s future fleet is compatible with the fleet in the Lufthansa Group, said CEO Carsten Spohr at an investor conference on Friday.

Ita Airways already operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft only. This enables efficiency in operation and maintenance.

But one thing worries Lufthansa about Ita’s current fleet: it currently consists entirely of chartered aircraft. According to Spohr, Lufthansa is pursuing the goal of increasing the number of its aircraft in the future.

The German airline is traditionally considered to be the airline with the largest number of its aircraft. In the current fleet of Ita, on the other hand, there are only three machines of Ita itself. According to CH-Aviation, all other aircraft are rented from a total of twelve different rental companies.

Ita ships are already being modernized

But that’s just a picture, because the Italian fleet is currently changing very quickly. By the end of 2021, Ita had placed an order with Airbus for 28 new aircraft.

Ten A330 Neo, seven A220 and eleven A320 Neo aircraft were ordered from the factory. At the same time, it was decided to transport 31 more Airbus aircraft in the near future through leasing companies.

Ita’s fleet will increase from the current 66 aircraft to 94 by 2027, Lufthansa has now announced. Apart from the existing fleet of A320 aircraft, Ita will include “NewGen” aircraft in both narrow and wide body segments:

Ita ships 2023 and 2027.

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The first Airbus A330 Neo was delivered to Ita

The delivery of the first new aircraft to Ita Airways began a short time ago.

While the first new Airbus A350, A220 and A320 Neos are already flying, the first of the 17 Airbus A330-900 Neos ordered directly or through borrowers has now been delivered to Ita – around the same time that Lufthansa reached an engagement agreement. with the Italians.

Delivery of Airbus A330 Neo, A220 and Ita Airways A320 flying in sequence.

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Ita’s first A330 Neo is said to join the fleet in June to serve new continental destinations. The A330 Neo is the next generation of the successful A330 aircraft.

Equipped with “Trent 7000” engines from Rolls-Royce, new wings and several aerodynamic improvements, the aircraft uses about 25 percent more fuel than the current A330 aircraft.

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