How much does the new Citroen C3 cost with 2024 incentives?  Electricity is cheaper than petrol

How much does the new Citroen C3 cost with 2024 incentives? Electricity is cheaper than petrol

The renewal of car incentives will finally start in May, which will offer more than 13,000 euros in discounts with certain requirements. Is the 2024 Ecobonus also valid on the new Citroen C3 that has just arrived in Italy?

As we told you at the launch, the new 2024 C3 petrol starts at 14,990 euros, a price that can now trouble even the Fiat Panda. Electrical difference it even starts from 18,900 eurosa price that competes with the new Dacia Spring 2024. So, let’s try to understand if the new C3 is compatible with the 2024 car incentives.

The new Citroen C3 petrol engine with a 1.2 liter 100 HP engine has CO2 emissions equal to 126 g/km, so it’s hard to fall into the incentive, whose fuel/hybrid limit is equal to 135 g/km. On this variant it is therefore possible to find A discount of 3,000 euros for canceling a Euro 0, 1 and 2 dirty car, the Bonus drops to 2,000 euros for canceling a Euro 3 car, while for canceling Euro 4 we get a discount of 1,500 euros. Removing a dirty car is the only way to get an incentive, if you have nothing to remove the bonus is zero, even in the case of low ISEE. So the new petrol C3 can cost up to 11,990 euros in the YOU version.

By switching to an electric e-C3 the discount becomes very attractive. The price, in fact, is fully compatible with Ecobonus, in fact the 2024 incentive is designed specifically for cars of this type. Without canceling anything you have a discount of 6,000 euros, so you can have electricity for 12,990 euros in the YOU version. For an ISEE of less than 30,000 euros you can get a discount of 7,500 euros. However, if you have a car to spare, you’ve hit the jackpot: with 0.1 and 2 Euros you have it. 11,000/13,750 euro discount according to ISEE, with Euro 3 10,000/12,500 euros, and Euro 4 9,000/11,250 euros. With the highest capacity, the e-C3 can cost more than 5,000 euros.